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Solo work 2016 to present
Data::Math (numeric operations on parallel complex data structures);
• Perl 6 introspection tools: method-menu, Object::Examine, Symbol::Scan, Augment::Util
Skullplot (graphical plot of SQL queries);
rectpara.el (editing "rectangular paragraphs").
• Performed extensive maintenance on perlnow.el (development tools for perl projects).
• Self-directed study: R statistical language, Rakudo/Perl 6
• Organizer of SF Perl and the Perl 6 Study Group
Friendfinder Inc. (Various Corp) 2005 to 2006, 2011 to 2016
Developed and maintained financial reporting tools, including the monthly accruals accounting system and the "Profit and Loss" overview:
• Designed javascript menu using jquery, to flexibly query data by hierarchical company divisions.
• Worked on efficiency improvements via database schema re-design and caching strategies
• Documented internal architecture and schemas, providing how-to instructions for future modifications.
Worked on the affiliate tracking system, which rewards partner web sites for referring traffic:
• Re-engineered a database schema to subdivide a rapidly growing MySQL myiasm table into shards. Rewrote the system queries to transparently access data across shards.
• Maintained affiliate crediting and payout system, optimized reports for efficiency to scale with continual growth in data base size.
• Developed code test framework that used alternate table sets to work-around the absence of a dedicated test database.
Obsidian Rook (consulting and solo projects), 2003 to 2004, 2006 to 2010
• Developed Perl CPAN modules: GraphViz::Dbi::General, Text::Capitalize, App::Relate, Emacs::Rep, Emacs::Run, Module::List::Pluggable, File::Locate::Harder, List::Filter, IPC::Capture, Emacs::Run::ExtractDocs
• Wrote emacs lisp packages: perlnow.el, desktop-recover.el (for API)
• Developed web sites: The Jade Monkey; Diagonal Grid;
• Created improvements for the web site: (for API).
Emusic, Inc, 2000 to 2002
Developed and maintained web site features for the Emusic site, using a linux, apache, mod_perl/Mason architecture; Created financial reporting programs using complex Oracle SQL queries, via the perl DBI interface.
Silicon Graphics, Inc, 1997 to 1998
Performed software localization engineering for Irix 6.5 (Worldview); tested and debugged localized software.
Netscape, Inc, 1996 to 1997
Performed software localization engineering for the Netscape Unix client (Communicator/Navigator).
Simultrans, LLC, Software Localization Engineering, 1992 to 96
Programmed localization tools and utilities; tested and debugged localized software, help systems and web pages; and performed unix system administration duties.
IBM Almaden Research Center, Storage Systems Product Division, 1990 to 92
Evaluated prototype thin-film disk drive head manufacturing techniques. Administered and maintained laboratory equipment interfaced with PCs.
Stanford University, Center for Materials Research, 1985 to 90
Produced super-conducting fibers, and analyzed their properties.
Creative Contractors, Long Island, New York, 1984
Administered database using dBase III software; programmed new report formats.
Westinghouse, Advanced Projects Group at the NRF Expended Core Facility, 1982 to 84
Designed tools for remote disassembly of expended nuclear fuel cores. Developed decontamination techniques. Programmed software for database update and report generation.


Stanford, MS in Materials Science and Engineering 1990
SUNY at Stony Brook, BE in Mechanical Engineering 1982


San Francisco Perl Mongers, Co-chair, 2008 to 2017, Organizer 2017-present


Unicode and Everything, SFPM, March 2014
Text::Properties and s{...}{pos}g, SFPM, March 2012
Writing CPAN Modules, SFPM, Jan 2010
Esthetic Randomness, OSCON, June 2009
Using Perl to Test Everything, SFPM, Nov 2007
Emacs as a perl IDE, SFPM, Feb 2006
Constant Amusement, SFPM, 2004
An Introduction to the Perl Debugger, SFPM, Oct 2000