July 30 - October 9, 2018

In Section XV, Aristotle tells us:                    ARISTOTLE_POETICS

character should be
  proper      (appropriate)              ARISTOTLE_WART
  true        (to life)

  "... though the subject of the imitation, who
  suggested the type, be inconsistent, still he
  must be consistently inconsistent."

  "Again, since Tragedy is an imitation of persons
  who are above the common level, the example of
  good portrait-painters should be followed. They,
  while reproducing the distinctive form of the
  original, make a likeness which is true to life
  and yet more beautiful. So too the poet, in
  representing men who are irascible or indolent,
  or have other defects of character, should
  preserve the type and yet ennoble it."