Until I was thirteen or so I                                                   
pretty regularly got                             
crewcuts.  When I got my
hair cut at all.  As I             There's a second grade class
remember it, my pattern was        photo of me: Hair long,     
to let it grow out, then           uncombed, sprouting out of     No wonder
chop it all off.                   my head wildly (my hair is     those 
                                   straight, but it does not      teachers 
Understand: during the late        just come out and go down...   hated me. 
60s and early 70s, when all        when I was wearing my hair               
good non-conformists were          long, i.e. high school, it     Being 
wearing their hair long,           was a thick glossy helmet      alternately
I insisted on cutting it           around my head, that bounced   loud and 
short.  One of the main            as I walked.)                  undisciplined
reasons I did this was                                            or bored 
that people were putting                     At least I combed    and listless
pressure on me to let it                     it by then.          probably
grow long.                                   Though I didn't      didn't help
                                             shave much.          either. 

                 Since then I've                         
                 decided that 
                 compulsive non-
                 conformity isn't
                 necesarily any      Though, if you always
                 better than         choose the road less 
                 compulsive          traveled by, you at         Oh yeah. 
                 conformity.         least have a shot at        I thought 
                                     doing something new,        that Robert
                 I try to pick       getting someplace other     Frost poem   
                 my battles better   people don't go.            was really   
                 than that.                                      cool when    
                                     Even a symbolic             I was around 
                                     difference becomes          ten or so.   
                                     a real difference                        
                                     very quickly.                 I first     
                                                                   read this   
                                                                   in some     
       	   dewind@acsu.buffalo.edu (Padraig) said                  strange     
	   on alt.cyberpunk, 8/92:                                 dittoed     
                                                                   form that   
	   "I laugh at those folks who think they                  I found     
	   are being rebellious while looking                      lying       
           exactly the same as every other 'rebel'                 around in   
	   that they hang out with.  Personally I                  one of the  
	   think that Non-comformity is more a                     empty lots  
	   state of mind than a way of cutting (or                 that made   
	   not cutting) your hair, or of wearing                   the up the  
	   your clothes."                                          surrogate   
	 This is all very true,                                    playgrounds 
	 but it's not the whole                                    of much of  
	 truth.                                                    my youth.   
	 Choosing a subculture                                     Undoubtably 
	 can be a rebellious                                       someone's   
	 action.                                                   assigned    
	 Individuals                                               but it      
	 are not islands.                                          wasn't *my* 
	 Appearance is not irrelevant.                             reading.    
	     Shave your head, tattoo                               And that    
	     the sides, & pierce                                   made all    
	     your nose and you'll                                  the         
	     find out very quickly                                 difference. 
             what it's like to be                 
             an outcast.                          
                Finding out who can't             
                handle trivial changes            
	        like this is not a                
 	        small thing.                      
                    I laugh at the people         
                    who laugh at the              
                    "pretentious" types           
                    dressed in black, when        
                    they themselves are           
                    committed to their own        
                    uniforms (e.g. T-shirts       
                    and blue jeans).  There       
                    are all sorts of