This is one of those things which
actually might be "under my control",
depending on how you look at it.
Hard tissue plastic surgery can                 But I've had my jaw
correct this stuff (a spinoff of                broken once already.
combat surgery.  One of the many                I've no desire to go
lessons of war).                                wired up for months.
                                                And then spend another
                                                six months trying to get
                                                back lost muscle.
It's more a matter of vanity:
Am I vain enough to want to go
through the trouble and expense         Or I could take the line that
just to improve my appearence?          it isn't just cosmetic surgery:
                                        I might want to do it so that
Or am I too vain to admit to the        my teeth would work better.
world that I am quite that vain?
                                                   But how plausible
                                                   is it that this is
     All of which is somewhat                      the main reason?
     ironic, because I think
     the attitude that cosmetic                    Not very, at least not
     surgery is necesarily a vain,                 to me.
     shallow endeavor is kind of

     Everyone cares about their image,
     including the people who go to great
     lengths to look like they don't.

     What's the difference between buying
     spiffy clothes, shaving everyday,
     styling your hair and so on and
     getting a nose job?                              I've got stylistic
                                                      problems with a lot
     As these things get easier to do,                of this, though:
     they'll become more common.                      getting your nose
                                                      hacked off in a
                                                      clumsy attempt to
                                                      look Aryan doesn't
                                                      impress me.

                                                      The "Modern Primitive"
                                                      body modifications are
                                                      more interesting:
                                                      tattoos, piercing,