mid-80s     Additional: 3/00

 Some more examples of uses for hypertext:

Gnu emacs "info mode" is                   Even more trivial
somewhat similar to this                   examples: Indexes. Tables
kind of trivial hypertext.                 of Contents.  Footnotes.
"M-x help  i" shows     HYPERGNU      "See note on page blah",
you a menu, where                          "as shown in Figure 3",
subheadings are indicated                  "for a review, see Ref
with an asterix in the                     3".  Ted Nelson makes the
first column.  You can                     point that all literature
wander around in the docs                  is hypertext.  With
however you like, rather                   computers we can take it
than reading through it                    to a new extreme.

Another example: 
The usenet  LIES

The newsgroup about "drwho"        There is no one correct
could logically be put in          hierarchy to organize
several different places in        information.
the usenet hierarchy:
rec.arts.sf.drwho                                  A point I believe
rec.arts.tv.drwho                                  "object-oriented"
soc.culture.british.drwho                          folks are also now
          Is it technically so              
          difficult for the same file
          to have several different      (No, that's called a symlink. 
          paths pointing to it?          How that would work with              
                                         CNEWS or BNEWS or whatever,   
          One newsgroup could then       that's a different questions.)      
          be put in several places        
          in the hierarchy without                                          
          any penalties in excess         

And how about program development?              Modern disk files are 
You always wind up with multiple                only one step above tape   
versions of programs, sometimes with            storage: Files may be
only minor changes made between versions.       random, but each one is a
Xanalogical storage makes it easier to          linear chain of bytes.
keep all of these on line: you don't
need to re-save the entire program
each time.  Only the changes, and links      The solution that's largely in
to indicate where they go, need be saved.    use: hack version control systems 
                                      	     that work on top of the 
					     hierarchical file system
					     (RCS, CVS, M-O-U-S-E...). 
In a Xanalogical system,              	     
you can also have links               	     
to sample input and                   	         There have been attempts at 
output files from each                		 integrating versioning 
version of the software,              		 into the file system 
not to mention comment                		 (e.g. TOPS-20), but they 
links to "sticky notes",              		 seem to have faded...
or even into the specs or             		 
the rough documentation.              
But okay, so you've saved
some sample output runs
for each version of the
program?  That could eat
up some disk space as
well: the output might
be very long, and each
file might be very
similar, BUT because they
don't actually descend
from some original                 Unless... you had a
prototype, Xanalogical             utility that could
storage wouldn't help.             "xanify" data: give it a
                                   bunch of files to
                                   process, and it looks for
                                   regions of similarity and
                                   tries to compress them.
                                   Of course, the Xanadu
                                   folks may be building
                                   some sort of "garbage
                                   collection" routines like
                                   this into the back end...

                                   Something like this would
                                   be great for compressing net
                                   news, turning the existing
                                   postings full of repetitous
                                   quotations of other postings
                                   into neat Xanadu transclusion

Other examples?  Perhaps MARGINAL?