Don't stall by taking notes?         RAT3
Always try to work on something 
close to the finished product?           Which is just to say,
                                         always try to be    
But what is it I've been doing           goal directed?       
but stalling by making mental                                 
I read a little of this,        
I read a little of that, 
Jumping from subject to subject, 
Genre to genre.  

Some of it may be useful someday.

But it gets me no closer to
finishing anything now.

Read what's necessary to finish         
the project you're working on...          So pick a project already.
Which is not to say, you need             A goal, _both_ a   
to read _everything_ on the subject.      date and a destination.
Don't drown yourself in excesses                             
of information.                                  I've never learned the 
                                                 knack of reevaluating 
                                                 goals.  Keep slugging
                                                 or give up?  I can 
                                                 never tell which.