"Never sell yourself.
  --Mitch Cohen

 "Sell yourself,
  but get a good price."
   --Me, circa 1980

The Living Section of the Monday, June 10, 1991        I'm surprised Stanford
New York Times had a short note about Lehigh           didn't think of this
University... They've got a course there where you     first.  Or maybe they
can get credit for asking someone out on a date,       have, and I just
e.g. for striking out three times.                     haven't heard about
                                                       it.  Could be Adams
The great thing is that at Lehigh this                 covers this in his
is *not* a course in the Social Psych                  "Creativity" course.
department on Interpersonal Whatevers.
It's included in a course on Marketing.
"Marketing is a social process in which
buyers and sellers get together.
Marketing facilitates transactions or
  James E. Hansz, Chairman, Marketing Dept.
                                 Love as a contract...  I was
                                 disapointed in the movie "The
                                 Unbelievable Truth". It was billed
                                 as being about "The Mechanics of
                                 Emotional Capitalism".  It
                                 doesn't say all that much
                                 about it, though there's some
                                 funny lines where a teenage
                                 girl does some strange bargaining
                                 with her father.