Libertarians believe in
freedom as opposed to                  I've also heard it put like this:
security.                              "Libertarians don't believe in
                                       initiating coercion."
                                       (Too many negatives, I say.)
The best thing the
government can do to                    Sometimes I say:
promote security is to                  Libertarians are liberal on
protect freedom.                        social issues, but conservative
                                        on economic issues.
                                           (This confuses some people.)
A simple idea, but it
leads lots of places, many of
which lots of people are
reluctant to go to.
Much as it pains me to
classify myself as anything, I
can probably be best described
as a libertarian.  In fact,
the sense of independence that
makes me reluctant to join
groups like this probably
helps mark me as one of them.

More often than not human happiness is maximized
when people are free to trade among themselves,
and "free" means free to trade anything, for any
reason that seems sufficient to you.  ((well, maybe not, exactly....))

The Libertarian party is the third largest party
in the united states.  You might want wonder for a          THIRD
moment why you hear so little about them.  Hint:
Last election, all the national news services used
the same agency to determine their election
results.  The Democrat and Republican votes were         Objectivists hate
normalized to total to 100%.  One toon one vote?         libertarians.
                                                             think this is
                                                             pretty funny.

Liberals think you              Conservatives think
should be allowed               you should be allowed
to see sex on                   to see violence on
television.                     television.

Liberals think                  Conservatives think
defense spending                that social spending
should be cut.                  should be cut.

             Libertarians agree
             with both of them.

Choosing between Conservatives & Liberals is like
    choosing between Hitler or Stalin.

    The Libertarian-CS Connection:

I've always had a pet theory that lots of hackers become
libertarians, because hacking, though it may start out as a
quest for control, becomes a fundamentally humbling
experience.  "I can't even debug a few thousand lines of
code, how could I possibly handle engineering a society?
How could anyone?"

Though on the other hand, to become involved with
anything remotely intellectual in this country there's got to
be something that prevents you from being "normal".
Happy, healthy, socially adept people become jocks and
insurance salesmen.