March 16, 2004

Joan Vollmer's name appears often
in all the various accounts of the
oft told Beat Generation saga.       I don't want to
                                     repeat too much of
                                     that stuff...
One of the things that's
striking to me is that                   She's most famous for
everyone agrees about how                getting a bullet in
smart she was:                           the head from William
well-read, intelligent,                  Burroughs.

   So what
   did she

A reading list, some places to search:

author           title                      known alias

Kerouac          On the Road (1957)         Jane Lee       ON_JANE

Kerouac          Subterraneans              Jane           SUBTERRA

Kerouac          Town and the City (1950)   Mary Dennison  TOWNIE_MARY

Kerouac          Vanity of Duluoz           June           JUNE_ORIENTATION

Kerouac          Visions of Cody

Burroughs        Junky (aka Junkie)         "wife"         BURROWING

Burroughs        The Letters of William
                 S. Burroughs: Volume I:
                 1945-1959 (1994)

Holmes           Go (1952)                  ?              GO_

Herbert Huncke   Guilty of Everything

Ted Morgan       Literary Outlaw                           LITOUT

Carolyn Cassady  Off the Road

Neal Cassady     The First Third

Neal Cassady     Neal Cassady                              NEAL_AND_JOAN
                 Collected Letters
                 1944-1967 (2004)

Gerard Nicosia   Memory Babe
                 (Kerouac bio)

Burroughs Jr.    Cursed From Birth (autobio)

Edie Parker      You'll Be Okay (autobio)

Bill Morgan      Lines Drawn in the Sand:
                 The Life and Writings of           Mentions an event
                 Allen Ginsberg                     called "The Night of
                                                    The Wolfeans" with
                                                    Kerouac and Hal Chase
                                                    (!?) squaring off
                                                    against Ginsberg and
                                                    Burroughs.  A later
                                                    reference mentions that
                                                    Ginsberg had sided with
                                                    Bill and Joan.

"The Subterraneans" has a mention that
another of Joan Vollmer's lovers was Ed
Stringham -- another queer, evidently.

There's supposedly another mention of
Ed Stringham, under the name of
"Ronald Macy" in Kerouac's "Book of Dreams".

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