September 16, 2003
                                      August    02, 2007

Let's work through the primer.

Esthetics are important,
if only because ethics
are esthetics in disguise.        BEAUTIFUL_GOODS

Art need not be beautiful
(Robert Crumb).

   Ugliness and Beauty need
   not be antonyms.

   Extreme ugliness can
   transcend itself to
   become another kind of               PUNK
   beauty.  (Metal Machine Music)

The beautiful need not be
art: there is natural beauty.

Art is better thought
of as an attempt at
communication than an
attempt at creating

In found art, the
artistic act is an act of
selection, but the result
is also intended to speak
to a human audience,
though as always the
message need not be

   By "clear", I mean
   easily translatable
   into verbal summary.

The distinction between art
and ordinary communication
is that art has no obvious      This is not the same
survival value.                 as saying it has no
                                survival value.          SURVIVAL

Opposing art to nature
works only given the
idea that human
activity is in              Question: is there an
opposition to nature.       animal activity that     Difficulty: most
                            might be compared to     animal activity
An alternate                the creation of art?     is "instinctive".
taxonomy would take                                  and art is not.
humanity as part of
nature, and call        My take: this makes              Though, as always
art the natural         the term "natural"               it's possible to
activity of humans,     nearly useless, by               claim that there's
                        declaring anything               an instinct toward
                        that exists natural.             art, though the
                                                         specific activity
                        So, let's take the               is cultural.
                        opposite premise:
                        art is unnatural.

Note: Feel free to
interject "in this
culture" at any point
through out the           Genetic determinists can
following.                try the phrase "because
                          we evolved that way".
                                                         (Many like
                                                         the idea of
Women are associated with nature.                        a god for the
  (e.g. childbirth, emotion)

Women are asociated with art.

  Their bodies are
  regarded as malleable:

  Much technique
  is allowed,
  if not required to          makeup,
  change women's              clothing,
  appearence.                 exercise,     and now:
    Though the goal of                      tattoos,
    manipulating                            piercing
    women's appearence            hair      surgery
    is often thought              dyes
    of as beauty, but              
    this is not always
    the case:

    Much of it has to do
    with looking normal,
    irrespective of beauty.

       The imposition of
       order on nature?           Possibly:

                                  Niceness is the
                                  triumph of order.


       So the Venn diagram thus far is

   /                          |
   |      /-----------------\ |  /----------------\
   |     /                   \| /                  \
   | c  /   art      /--------|/-------\  nature    \
   | o  |           /         ||        \           |
   | m  |          / beauty   ||         \          |
   | m  |         |           ||          |         |
   | u  |       __|___________||__________|____     |
   | n  |      /  |         women         |    \    |
   | i  |      |  |           ||
   | c  |      |   \/---------||--------\/     |    |
   | a  |      |   /\         ||        /\     |    |
   | t  |      |  /  \--------||-------/  \    |    |
   | i  |      |  |           ||          |    |    |
   | o  |      |  |           ||          |    |    |
   | n  |       \_|___________||__________|____/    |
   |    |         |           ||          |         |
   |    |         \           || ugliness /         |
   |    |          \          ||         /          |
   |    \           \---------|\--------/           /
   |     \                   /| \                  /
   |      \-----------------/ |  \----------------/
   |                          |

But maybe that's not all that interesting.

   Let's check it over:

      Art can be neither
      beautiful or ugly.

   There's a possible mis-reading
   if you presume that all women
   must fall on one side or the       But: how is it I've had
   other of the art/nature split.     nature as a sub-set of art?

   Really you would expect that          There's supposed to be
   any individual would have             non-overlapping, given
   aspects of both.                      my "art is unnatural".

        This is okay, though:                 (Fixed: Aug 2007)
        I'm talking about
        "womanness" not women
        as individuals.
                                Rename the class for
                                clarity: "femininity"?

                                                        The art of
                                                        the "feminine"
                                                        can be aimed
                     Hm, it appears to imply that       at neither
                     woman are often attempts at        beauty or
                     communication.                     ugliness: there's
                                                        a third category
                     Perhaps the left                   here that's
                     boundary of "women"                unlabeled,
                     should be moved up                 which I've
                     to the Art-Nature                  associated
                     boundary?                          with order,
                     But no: I guess                    or perhaps
                     this is right...                   "normality".

                     The thesis is that                     So that checks.
                     women transform
                     themselves into