February 23, 2010

   Most of us know intellectually
   about the problems with eye-witnesses
   and the possiblity that any memory
   might be false...

   Until recently, it was a rare experience
   to really be confronted with a false             Any difference between
   memory of your own, a vidid image in your        your account and
   head that you can confirm never really           another's is easily
   happened.                                        dismissed. Sure, it's
                                                    possible you
      Cheap, ubiquitous,                            might have it wrong,
      privately owned video                         but really you always
      recordings change                             suspect the problem is
      this for me.                                  on the other side...

      Several times now
      I've re-watched
      recordings to find
      that I have a clear
      visual memory of                   In the Nero Wolfe series (the
      something I've never               recent one, with Maury Chaykin &
      actually seen.                     Timothy Hutton), in "The
                                         Doorbell Rang", I have a clear
                                         impression of a grim smile on
  Still another case:                    the face of Saul Panzer as he
                                         emerges from the crate--
                                            In actuality, they decided to
                                            play it suffocated and exhausted.

                                         In the "Macross 7" series,
                                         I remember Bassara flying into
                                         a battle zone, peering over
                                         his glasses with a crazed smile,
  And another:                           the field of view canted over
                                         45 degrees to stage right.
                                            These elements occur in many
                                            different places, but never
                                            together in this image I thought
                                            I'd seen re-used in several

                                                        (I'll need to
                                                         think of another
                                                         T-shirt idea.)