December 10, 2004

My Serious Reading style these
days begins with slicing up some
"post-it notes" (or equivalent)         I stick a selection of them inside
of various colors to create             the front cover of the book, so
flags to mark notable passages.         that I'll have them at hand when I
                                        come across something of interest.
It used to be I wouldn't worry much
about which color I used, but I've
tried to systematize the system a
little more, and my current color
code is:

   Green   = Good

   Blue    = Link.  (A reference to be traced.)

   Pink    = Hmm.   (Something wrong here?
                     Think about this.)

   Orange/  = quotable                Originally, I used a bright
   Yellow     (Type this one up.)     orange color for this, but
                                      I ran out, and substituted
                                      the ubiquitous yellow.
   Purple  or  = Useful now,
   Black   or    for a project                               Something is very
   Electric      in mind.                                    unsatisfactory
   Green                         The "project"               about that pale
                                 may be as slight            yellow. Must fix.
     Multiple colors             as a usenent
     are good for                posting.
     multiple projects.
                                                Black makes
                                                a convienient
                                                tab for a post
                                                to alt.gothic.

  Some books sprout a fringe of blue
  tabs.  They're jumping off points,
  full of mentions of other things,
  that given infinite time I would
  also examine.

     Some books become piles of
     pink tags, fodder for rants      Or perhaps just thoughts that don't
     on the author's stupidity --     seem to me to have been carried far
                                      enough, launching pads for further
       Other books become tagged      thought.
       in orange/yellow: piles of
       quotes looking for an
       appropriate occasion.

  It's a rare book that
  becomes a forest of            BIBLES
  green, but they exist.