October  4-7, 2008

A few points on the curve:

Consider the changing radical
status of the sex toy.

There was a time when feminists
turned on the dildo.  They
looked on lesbians using a
strap-on as an admission
that Freud's "Penis Envy" theory             Was all this a result
had some merit -- do women                   of the doctrine that
regard themselves as incomplete              everything is political?
                                                There was a 60s notion that
The seat (?) of the female                      the Vietnam war was a result
orgasm was the clitoris, the                    of sexual repression on the
"vaginal orgasm" was a myth,                    part of the country's leaders.
and the ideal female-on-female
sex act was cunnilingus.                           There were hopes that one
                                                   could save the world with
That lasted ten years or so,                       erotic dancing and porn
before the "sex positive"                          movies.
crowd began to undermine it.

   "Get over yourself.
   And start having
   orgasms."                    I usually credit San
                                Francisco as the
   Dildos were back             birthplace of this       But then,
   on the scene, and            change.  I don't         San Francisco
   by the end of the            think that's *too*       probably had
   80s vaginal orgasms          inaccurate.              a lot to do
   didn't seem so                                        with the sex
   absurd either                                         and politics
   (there was much                                       connection in
   talk about g-spots).   Question: how is it            the first place.
                          possible for a group
                          of fanatics to sell
                          women on doctrines
                          that tell them how
                          their bodies are        Wouldn't you think
                          supposed to respond     that personal
                          to stimulus?            experience would
                                                  immediately shoot
                                                  down any such attempt?

                                                      Women are weird.
   Dildos were evolving around that
   time as well, moving away from                     In any case, this is
   realistic duplicates of penises                    a pretty good example
   (usually in that pink color that                   of an aspect of
   Crayola used to call "Flesh") to                   sexuality being a
   more stylized shapes.                              "social construct".

      An innovation of the 90s                        But then, a biological
      that was popular with at                        determinist could take
      least one lesbian of my                         it as significant that
      acquaintance: the thigh                         the social construct
      strap dildo.                                    didn't hold for very

Does it all come down to
interaction with another
consciousness?                 So then why
                               not teledildonics?


                       I think the interesting
                       issue with sex and
                       technology is that
                       changes can take place
                       that drive a wedge
                       between things that
                       were conceptually
                       welded together.            Wedges and
                                                   welds, again.
                       Birth control plus
                       antibiotics didn't              I really need
                       (quite) transform the           some new cliches.
                       world into the
                       pornoverse, but it did
                       change our perspective
                       on our customs, made
                       us think a little
                       harder about the way        EXCUSES
                       we were going to do
                       things, and our
                       rationales for doing
                       things that way.

                                  My claim is that the sex-love
                                  distinction got much more
                                  well-defined after technical
                                  controls for veneral disease
                                  and pregnancy were available.