Once upon a time there was a DJ at the radio station known as KZSU 90.1 FM.
This DJ, for reasons not very well understood, called himself "The Voice of Doom".
And his radio show, he called...

The Machine

The Machine is long gone, but Doom is still hovering around.

I did some intersession fill-in shows a while back (see playlists below), and I'll probably do some more soon.

My last big project at KZSU: The eighth Day of Noise, October 23, 2002.

I usually have no idea when I'll get on the air next but if you're interested, keep an ear out for me during Stanford's intersession periods.

Let the machine into your heart.
              -- Rudy Rucker

Oh... and of late it seems like I've been hanging out on the alt.gothic newsgroup a lot.

And I've been working on things like this: Diagonal Grid

Music Reviews

Doom's Reviews for KZSU


Playlists from even older shows

Getting into Doom

More information than you can possibly imagine is yours for the asking... in the doomfiles (now split into an easily digestible, web friendly series of smaller files).

That site also has some of my other stuff.

Stuff I've been looking at (like you care):

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