Playlist for 01/02/96: Romantic Cynicism

This show I was experimenting with taking notes directly as HTML code, so it's possible (oh joy) to see my thinking in various stages of development... Below, there's a list of what I actually played. You can also see

Background music:

Null		Zen Walker (5-4:44)	Endless 2 (collection)
Some cool, deep delicate droney stuff... 

Malcolm Clarke	Earthshock (7 - 8:24)	Doctor Who, Vol 1 (soundtrack)
Ominous, and not too cheesy. Too bad I don't have any Blake's Seven music... Avon would fit right into the theme of the 45 minute set.

Zoviet France				Shouting at the Ground
The old reliable vinyl drone.

First set: pretty light weight love-theme I guess, but I think it went well after the Xydeco show I was following.

New York Tango	Cuando Llora la 	Cabarute
   Trio		Milonga (2-3:25)
Slower tango, not too happy happy, if not as somber as I'd like...

Sun Ra		Someday my  (2-7:53)		Salute to Walt Disney
		price will come
Leads with applause, and light piano that could've been recorded better. Used tape echo to fill in the sound of the lousy recording at the beginning.

Pain Teens	Swimming (1-2:51)		Beast of Dreams
Beautiful, not as noisy as usual for them... begins with an almost african sound, not quite like a thumb piano. "I'm drowning in ecstasy/sinking into a sea of bliss/we are transfixed..." wow, these lyrics would sound awful if her vox wasn't perfect.

Second set:

Francis Wong	1:03 (4-2:29)			Chicago Time Code
Weird, singing into the flute with steady bass rhythm in background... this will do for a "gothic" jazz pick.

Miss Murgatroid	track 9			Methyl Ethyl Key Tones
A nice, spooky accordion piece.

Aloof Proof    The Ghost Ship          Swarm of Drones (coll.)
   (590)       (I10-9:10?) (excerpt)
Sense of release, dark but relaxed, harpsichord like? Good for following murky accordion music?


Peter		Saint James Infirmary (2-4:07) Die Like a Dog
Nice, mournful jazzy stuff. About Albert Ayler.

Miranda Sex	The Wooden Boat			Fairlytales of Slavery
Basic Miranda Sex Garden, somewhat ethereal female vocal gothic stuff.

Allegory	Intro (Allegory of		When Angels Fall
  Chapel Ltd.	the Frozen Heart)
A request. This track begins with a hissing staticy sound like the ocean, and goes into a goth-classical sound.


{Zoviet France				Shouting at the Ground
Malcolm Clarke	Earthshock		Doctor Who, Vol 1. (soundtrack)
The Play Along With Doom feature: Spring and exercise ball percussion, with some rusty metal tape scrapping and a little breathing through a toy harmonica. Plus a little percussion on a fragment of a shopping cart twisted by railroad impact, using my favorite piece of rebar.

Mandible 	Burn Down the		Endless 2 (compilation)
  Chatter	Sky (8-8:07)
The local organic industrial masters have outdone themselves on this track: a very rapid throbbing piece, the climax of the Endless 2 compilation. (How would this go with the Dr. Who theme? Hm.)

Fifth: This set is intended as a kind of a goth-mind fuck, I guess. (~17:47)

Switchblade	Gutter Glitter (9-3:47)		Serpentine Gallery
Leads with chime like (harpsichord?) melody. "Irridescent eyes of the seahorse rise/Treasures she loves others despise/a shooting star shan't fall very far/dim fireflies held in glass jars"

Gravediggaz	Mommy, What's A 	12"
		Gravedigga? (~5?)
		Clean RZA Mix
Nice gothic hip-hop, (with mildly cheesy spooky whistle loop). Cool babble. Flatlinerz has some possibilities too, even if real hiphopers think they're bunk.

Trio De		Intineraire Bis (6-5:00)	Trio de Clainettes-Live 
Leads with high, spooky, almost annoying tones... these are clarinets?

Sixth: An odd little short set (~8), dedicated to the rather mind-numbingly obvious propsition that it's a good idea not to be a hedonistic waste case.

Ann Magnuson	It's a Great Feeling (6-3:00)	The Luv Show
"...this brain dead feeling", another upbeat ironic song about being a happy zombie.

Rolling Stones	Good Times (A5-1:55)		Out of Our Heads
Eek. Another record I've been seeking for years... A really nice, desperately sad version of the old Sam Cooke tune, with some perfect tubular guitar. It only sounds a little tinny in glorious mono vinyl, but hey, I got it for free...

Bing Crosby	Swinging on A Star ( -3?)	Swinging on a Star
A recent acquisition I should really try and use. I've been looking for it for years. I think my original idea was to pair that with a reading from Bester's _Stars My Destination_.

Seventh: I like this set, subtly about the fuzziness of identity...

Charles Mingus	Myself When I am Real (2-7:34)	Thirteen Pieces
Nice, slow, contemplative stuff, fills in with some almost spanish rhythms in places. But is it dark enough?

Switchblade	Dissolve (2-  )			Serpentine Glitter
"Can you see me going down/I am screaming out loud/and the fear of god is in me now/dissolve/in the moonshine/I leave no trace/my visions have gone/far away from this place/ they've dissolved" slower.

Clock DVA	Anti-Chance (9-5:50?)		White Souls in Black Suits
Industrial strangeness with clarinet/electronics duet. Cool. No vox. Rhythm emerges from the chaos? And then receedes.

The 45 minute set, was on the theme of: Romantic Cynicism, i.e. about the romantic appeal of grim, "realistic" cynicism.

Couldn't find any Johnny Cash around the station, couldn't find the Dead Can Dance I wanted at Tower records, ah what an imperfect world we struggle with...

Jimmy Dorsey	As Time Goes By		Dorsey, Then & Now 
  & Carole	
Hm, a comeback album form 1987.

John Zorn	Spillane (1 - 25:12)	Spillane/Two-Lane Highway/
					Forbidden Fruit
A piece also from back in 1987. Kicks with a woman screaming, goes off into private eye jazz with lots of quotes from Mickey Spillane.

The Last Poets	Illusion of Self (8 - 8:16)		Holy Terror
Kicks with a nice "cool" organ lead. "The holy terror becomes the holy blessing/family values caught in the act of undressing..." The whole urban grittyness thing goes well with the Spillane (I hope)...

Marshal 	Cynical Girl (5-2:34)	A Collection
An old favorite.

Teresa Brewer	As Time Goes By		On The Road Again
  & Stephane    (B4-5:48) 
I actually don't think all that much of Teresa Brewer, so I cranked up the 3 second echo a bit during this piece.

Then the tag, after the last mic break and back announce:

Terminal Sect	Gun Worship (5-4:45)		The Gun Worship EP
  (591) 	suprisingly festive mix
Just played the beginning of this, trying to get at the "Danger, Danger" sample near the beginning, but all the violent talk went well enough with the political intro I gave it, I suppose.

Legendary	A Velvet Resurrection (4-5:55)	from here you'll
  Pink Dots					watch the world go by
Full lush sound, zooms in and around. Vox, spoken list: "I want to believe in the nobility of the human spirit..." Thought it would do well as a close on the "Romantic Cynicism" bit.