The Voice of Doom

This is the playlist for a substitution pickup show broadcast on KZSU on February 25th, 2001 at 3pm


Not much of a clue or a direction on this one... zero preparation, a small stack of new stuff of my own and the collective wisdom of KZSU (as embodied in the A-file) were my only guiding lights.

sound bed

The background sounds for this show were more often that not a Rubber O Cement split 12" with Panicsville and/or the Voice of Doom theme: a double LP by Zoviet France called Shouting at the Ground.

the playlist

set the first

Add N to X - "B.P. Perino"
off of Add Insult to Injury
track 10
begins with a strange droning tone, goes off into an odd slow, shuffling, sludgy, rhythm, with female vocal samples used as a kind of melody on top.
Robyn Hitchcock - "Globe of Frogs"
off of Live at the Cambridge Folk Festival
track 9
Matthew Shipp - "Chi"
off of New Orbit
track 4
with Wadda Leo Smith on trumpet
June Tabor - "Windy City"
off of Against the Stream
track 10

set the second

E^-de^ (Buo^n K'xia Village) ensemble - "Dinh takta`r"
off of Music From Vietnam 3: Ethnic Minorities
track 2
Loud, rapid banging percussive piece
Clusone 3 - "Medley 1"
off of An Hour With...
track 1
Michael Moore on sax; Ernst Reijseger - cello; Han Bennik - drums
Julliette Grecko - "L'Horoscope"
off of De'shabillez-Moi
track 14
a collection of 1965-1969 material
Thai Elephant Orchestra - "Rainforest"
off of Thai Elephant Orchestra
track 13
elephants improvise together (having been shown how to play, but not taught what to play)

set the third

Poem Rocket - "The Coronation of Ellipsis"
off of Psychogeography
track 6
Pineal Ventana - "One Held the Key - One Held the Sleep"
off of Axes to Ice
track 7
Core group seems to be about 6 people from Seatlle, including Clara Clamp on vocals and Jason LaFarge on everything. A really nice, rich, complicated sound that blended in perfectly with...
Gold and Green - "Mountain Book"
off of Gold & Green
track 4
Four japanese women, including Yoshimi of the Boredoms. Great stuff.

set the fourth

Matmos - "California Rhinoplasty"
off of California Rhinoplasty EP
track 1
Goofy sounding piece, put together entirely with samples of the sounds of cosmetic surgery, plus nose flute. Think, discarded instruments hitting metal trays used as high-hats. Try not to think about the occasional goopy sucking sound.
Thai Elephant Orchestra - "Swing Swing Swing"
off of Thai Elephant Orchestra
track 7
Low - "July 7 Embrace"
off of Things We Lost in the Fire
track 6
(plus a little bit of Zoviet France and Rubber O Cement mixed in)

set the fifth: the weird mix

This is the set with somewhere between 5-7 things playing at once, so there's lots of overlap, and repeats and 3 second echo looping, and in general, don't take this list seriously as a simple sequence:

Zoviet France
off of Shouting at the Ground
Leonard Cohen - "Who By Fire"
off of New Skin for the Old Ceremony
P.I.S.S. - "Trick Pony"
off of P.I.S.S.
track 6
One of the excellent CD-R releases on the Limited Sedition label. The line-up of P.I.S.S: Perkis, Ingalls, Shiurba & Sperry.
This particular track was probably played over a dozen times in this mix.
John Cage
off of Empty Words Parte 3
both disk I and II
An hours long cage performance in Italy, where he kept up a calm, slow, chant -- often of cutup nonsense syllables -- while the audience periodically went beserk, screaming, shouting and stomping. (You know you've made it when your art causes a riot in Europe.)
Rubber O Cement
off of a split 12" with Panicsville
(at least I think it's a split 12". I really need to look at it more closely... I just bought it from the man himself yesterday, and I don't really know a lot about it.)
off of a split 12" with Rubber O Cement
(At least I think, etc...)
Thai Elephant Chorus - "Field Recordings of Elephants"
off of Thai Elephant Chorus
track 13
Raw elephant trumpeting sounds, sans instruments on this track, which I probably played a half dozen times (and near the end of the mix, this was overlapped with that P.I.S.S. track)
If, Bwana - "Clara Nostra"
off of Clara Nostra
composer/producer - Al Margolis
Loads of clarinet overdubs used to create an industrial ambient piece which I probably didn't have up loud enough for anyone to hear in the mix. Oh well.
Soviet Army Chorus - "You're Always Lovely"
off of This is Russia
I played a lot of traditional Russian music off this old vinyl compilation with a lot of the work of different russian choruses and orchestras... most of one side, in fact:
Orchestra of Folk Instruments - "Variations on 'Korobyeniki'"
off of This is Russia
Pianitsky Chorus - "Something is Ringing"
off of This is Russia
Orchestra of Folk Instruments - "Tabakaryaka"
off of This is Russia
Moiseyev Dance Ensemble - "Moldavian Dance"
off of This is Russia
Soviet Army Chorus - "Soldier Boy Sing"
off of This is Russia
Orchestra of Folk Instruments - "Variations on Moonlight"
off of This is Russia
Adlai Stevenson
A collection of political speeches by failed democratic presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson.
Matthew Shipp - ""
off of New Orbit
This was the William Parker solo contrabass piece (begins with a rapid buzzing insect like sound... cool stuff).
Add N to X - "Adding N to X"
off of Add Insult to Injury
track 1
Fast, upbeat strange piece that sounds like a cross between a kids show theme and some kind of psuedo-chinese cheese music.
Chuye^n Hoa Sim
off of Nhu' Quynh 1
Vietnamese pop music. Really good, slick, female vocals.
And those last three tracks were originally intended to be played in a simple sequence as a set on their own... instead they ended up here as a sequence inside the mix with the rest of the stuff palyed on top.
Jimmy Stewart - "This is the Voice of Doom..."
off of The Philadelhia Story video
Used this as a lead-in to a reprise of the elephant trumpeting track.

set the sixth: "What, no Drum yet?"

Jack Kerouac/Steven Allen - "On the Road/Visions of Cody"
off of Poetry for the Beat Generation
The famous Kerouac reading on the Steve Allen show, accompanied by Steve Allen jamming on the piano.
P J Harvey - "Kamika Zee"
off of Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
track 9
Susie Ibarra - "Human Beginnings"
off of Flower after Flower
track 7
with Wadda Leo Smith on trumpet, once more... he's been getting around lately.



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