Doom sub Galaxy Girl 04/04/95: One quarter goth

Another intersession fill-in show, where the idea was to play relatively trancey music without resorting to ambient techno too much. Also, I decided to try and do four cut sets, where the third track was always some sort of gothic music with female vocals, and the fourth was intended to be a positive, upbeat thing providing a sense of relase. The long mix of a dozen things in the middle of the show has to count as one track in this scheme.

Playlist notation

Background Music: Zoviet France, the "A Flock of Rotations" album

Artist:			Track:			Album:
Sun Ra			They'll Come Back	Sun Ra and the Year 
Trance Mission		Every Stone's Dream	Meanwhile
Dead Can Dance		The Promised Womb	Aion
Laurie Anderson		Bright Red		Bright Red (a request)
Fires of Ork		Fires of Ork II		Coll: Logic Trance 2
Peter Himmelman		Prelude			Skin
Noel Coward's Ghost	Sad Lions		Peyote Marching
						Volume 1
Adult Fantasies		Nice Mornings		The no sleep feeling
Miranda Sex Garden	Bring Down the Sky	Suspiria
{Painkiller		Ambient #1:		Execution Ground
Sheila Chandra		Quiet #8		Quiet !
Prof C. Northcote				Coll: Contemporary 
   Parkinson					Literature English
Vlad & Faustina		Legal IDs	
Michael Redgrave,	Hamlet			Living Shakespere
   et. al.		
The Nirvana Sitar &	The Letter		Re/Search Incredibly
   String Quartet				Strange Music #2
Alex Chilton		Devil Girl		A Man Called 
Pain Killer		Ambient 2: Parish of	Execution Ground
John Fitzgerald		Side B			A Memorial Album
Jack Kerouac		The Wheel of the	Poetry for the Beat 
			Quivering Meat		Generation
Yothu Yindi		cut 9: Milika		Freedom
			cut 10: Dangguttji	
Single Gun Theory	The Sea of Core		Flow, River
			Experience		of My Soul
Axiom of Choice		Desert Storm		Beyond Denial
Spiritualized		Feel like goin'home	Pure phase
Sky Cries Mary		Vuh			This Timeless Turning
Ikue Mori w/ Robert	Painted Desert		Painted Desert
   Quine & Marc Ribot		
ROVA - Figure 8		DRMES (traditional	Pipe Dreams
			croatian song)	
Charles Mingus		Weird Nightmare		Mingus Revisited
Sleeping Dogs Wake	Inside Outside		Sugar Kisses
Sun Ra			Strange Celestial Road	Strange Celestial Road
Fiorella Terenzi	Voices			From Here to 
						Tranquility Vol 4
Her Majesty the Baby	Fendaya			Mary
Love Spirals Downwards	Sidhe			Ardor
Varttina		Aitara			Aitara
Bob Bannister		Locks & Bolts		Easterly 7"
Aux 88			Phantom Power		C: Trance Atlantic 
Love is Colder than	Taliesin & Melanghel	Mental
Billie Holliday		The Same Old Story	God Bless The Child