Thanks for all the suggestions for Nixon oriented music. Here's the playlist for the show that I did. I'm sorry I didn't get to everyone's ideas, but it's amazing how hard it is to find a lot of the old anti-Nixon material is. At this time, however, I do not feel that it would be responsible to imply that this is the work of a conspiracy. For example, I couldn't come up with Phil Ochs doing "State of Richard Nixon", though it's an old favorite of mine ("Here's to the land, you've torn out the heart of..."). And I just forgot about some ideas, like the interesting factoid that Nixon was an Andrew Sisters fan. However I did play a version of "The Star Spangled Banner", as a representative pro-Nixon cut, so I hope that helps satisfy his supporters. Anyway, here's my playlist from Midnight, last Saturday night (on KZSU, Stanford 90.1 FM): By the way, when I use something as background music to talk over, I indicate it with a "Bed: " (short for sound bed). When I play more than one thing mixed together, I try and indicate that with curly braces.
Cop Shoot Cop          Surprise              Surprise   
Nine Inch Nails        March of the Pigs     Downward Spiral
David Frye             The Break-In          Richard Nixon: A Fantasy
Bed: Randy Grief       cut 11                Alice in Wonderland #5
Country Joe &          Feel Like I'm Fixin'  Into the Fray
  the Fish             to Die Rag    
Quy Bon                He moi su cu...       Music of Viet Name (collection)
                       (a satiric song)   
Simon & Garfunkle      7 O'clock News/Silent 
Bed: C.C.C.C.          Side 1                Live in Pittsburg
Jimi Hendrix           Star Spangled Banner  Woodstock
Chicago                A Song For Richard    (Carnegie Hall, live)
                       Nixon and His Friends
Leonard Cohen          Story of Issac        Songs from a Room 
Bed: Vidna Obmana      Winter Movement       Echoing Delight
Shapeshifter           I Always Lie          Echoing Delight
Non-Agression Pact     Illusion of Freedom   9mm Grudge
the Dick Nixons        N-I-X-O-N             Paint the White House Black
Bed: Brain Eno         Lantern Marsh         Ambient 4
David Bowie            Young Americans       Young Americans
David Frye             Dick Nixon's Solid    Richard Nixon: A Fantasy
ISM                    Nixon Now More Than   I Think I Love You
Bed:  Vidna Obmana     cut 1                 Echoing Delight
Michael Nesmith        The Candidate         And the Hits Just Keep On Coming
Neil Young             Ohio
The Dick Nixons        The Patriot Song      Paint the White House Black
Bed: Vidna Obmana      Doekoen               Still Fragments
Cassandra Complex      Realm of the          Sex & Death
Miranda Sex Garden     Fear                  Iris
The Dick Nixons        Conspiracy            Iris
Bed: Vidna Obmana      cut 2                 Still Fragments
Madder Rose            Amnesia               Swim
Elvis Costello         20 % Amnesia          Brutal Youth
Stuart Moxham &        Remember              Signal Path
   the Original
Bed: Szygy             Disk II Cut 1         Rising High (comp.)
The Dick Nixons        Do the Dick Nixons    Paint the White House Black
Firesign Theater       Mr. President         Foreward Into
the Past
                                             (An Anthology)
Big Trouble House      President Nixon's     Mouthful of Violence
Bed: Dreamfish         Disk II Cut 2         Rising High (comp)
Grocho Marx            I Must Be Going       An Evening With Groucho
Bauhaus                Terror Couple Kill 
                       Colonel (at 33RPM)   
Depeche Mode           Policy of Truth       Violator
Bed: Drome             Cut 1     

2AM 45 Minute set: The Death of Tyrants
Boomtown Rats          I Never Loved Eva     A Tonic For the Troops
Sharkbait              Big Rallies           Feed Our Frenzy
In Slaughter Natives   Media                 In Slaughter Natives
{Laibach               cut A1                Macbeth
Richard Nixon          1972 Convention Speech
Elvis Costello         2 Little Hitlers    
Cassandra Complex      You Make Me Sick      Sex & Death
Xtal                   Stop Torture          Everything Crash
Slant 6                What Kind of          Soda Pop Rip Off
                       Monster Are You?
The Clash              Return to Brixton     Return to Brixton
Chop Shop              4 x 4                 America the Beautiful (comp)
Ganga                  Sto becara ...        Bosnia: echoes from an 
                                             endangered world (comp)
{Randy Grief          "Anything that has     Alice in Wonderland #4
                       a head..."            
Chop Shop              4 x 4                 America the Beautiful (comp)
Laibach                Cut A3                Macbeth
Pete Segar             Masters of War