Bed: 						Drugstore Cowboy (soundtrack)
Chaskinakuy		Alta Mamay		Cosecha
Sixth Comm     		rec cloak red hat   	Asylum
Beme Seed		Purify			Purify
BED: Danny Elfman 	Main Theme 		Night Breed (soundtrack)
News From Babel 	Arcades (of Glass) 	Work Resumed/Letters Home
Philil Glass & 		Howl Pt 2		hydrogen jukebox
   Allen Ginsberg
Second Communication 	Steel & Concrete 	Steel & Concrete
Rodgers & Hammerstein 	Main Titles 		South Pacific
Mike Morgan &		 Crazy Mixed Up World 	Ain't Worried No More
   The Crawl 
Alice Donut 		Helter Skelter 		Dry Humping the Cash Cow
Hector Zazou   		Youth 			Sahara Blue
BED: Psychic TV 	A (3) 			Live in Tokyo
The Moon Seven Times 	Let the Other One Stay  7=49
{John C. Lilly 		Lilly's Voice  		C: John C. Lilly E.C.C.O.
Jack Kerouac 		American Haiku's 	Blues & Haikus
Wanda Coleman 		Message from Xanadu	Beserk on Hollywood Blvd.
John Cage 		Disk II Side 1		Indeterminacy
Sven Vath		Ritual of Life		Ritual of Life
Bed: 			Wood masted Sailboat 	Environments 8
Sixth Comm		Dream 39		Morthogenesis
Data Bank A		We Have No Names	Salad Days
Sleeping Dogs Wake	Inside - Outside	Sugar Kisses
Bed: Cliff Martinez	Take My Skirt Off	Sex Lies & Videotape
Thinking Fellers Union	Sidewinder		The Funeral Pudding
   Local 282
Air			Wind			From Here to Tranquility Pt. 2
Ukranska Selska		Shnel Polka		Coll: Ukranian Village Music
Bed: Robert Rich	Liquid Air		From Here to Tranquility Pt 2
Thinking Fellers	Waited Too Long		The Funeral Pudding
   Union Local 282   
Cassandra Complex	The War Against Sleep   Sex & Death
The Orb			(Solar Youth Mix)	Perpetual Dawn 12"
Bed: NAS		Instrumental Remix	It Ain't Hard to Tell

The 2 AM 45 Minute Set:  Self Destruction - Self Control

Katie Lee		Will To Fail		RE/Search 1: Incredibly 
						Strange Music
Grotus			A City of the Dead/     Brown
			Las Vegas Power Strip
{Dave Van Ronk		Last Call		Songs for Aging Children
Tony Oxley		Quartet 1		Tony Oxley Quartet
Non-Aggression Pact	Powder Keg		9mm Grudge
Sun Ra			Everything is Space	Somewhere Else
Therapy?		Totally Random Man	Peversonality
Zircus			My Astoria		Cultivation '92
Wimp Factor 14		Tale of the Loop	Ankle Deep
			Hole Guy     
Billy Childish		The Bitter Cup		At the Bridge
 with the Singing Lions
{Leonard Cohen		Dress Rehersal Rag	Songs of Love and Hate
Bob Ostertag		Tounge-Tied		Say No More
The Gits		Bob (Cousin O)		Enter: The Conquering Chicken
{Tinklers		Tool of Caution		Crash
Dr. Fiorella Terenzi    Sidereal Breath		Music From the Galaxies
{Iyaye			Gathering of the	A Gathering of Spirits
Dr. Fiorella Terenzi    Sidereal Breath		Music From the Galaxies
A Woodmasted Sailboat   Environments 8