Matahari 		planet ludlow	Manifestation VI (compilation)
Pigface   		Empathy		Notes from the Underground
Coil 			Exploding Frogs	Stolen $ Contaminated Songs
Bed: Brian Eno 		Tal Coat 	Ambient 4
?     			Tibetan Music    Illuminated (compilation)
			Evening Ritual
Youthu Yindi   		Gapu (tidal mix) Freedom
Nano S, et. al. 	Galura, 2nd Ver  Asmat Dream (compilation)
Bed: (none)
Gallon Drunk    	Push the Boat    From the Heart of Town
Little Axe     		15 to 4		 7 (compilation)
Diamand Galas  		Balm in Gilead/  The Singer
		        Swing Low Sweet 
Bed:Labradford  	Skyward With     Prazision
Moon Seven      	My Game 	7=49
{Voice in Time		Mercedes      	All Around Us
Eric Graph      	Preluido Suite  A Flute Recital
  (Bach)         	in C Minor
Gabrielle Roth		Lonesome Song  	Ritual
  and the 
Billie Holiday		Until the Real  God Bless the Child
			Thing Comes 
Bed:Gabrielle   	cut 3	  	Ritual
   and the 
Chaskinakuy     	Amour 		Cosecha
The Gits		Love    	Enter: The Conquering Chicken
The Moon Seven  	Curling Wall  	7=49
Bed:Labradford  	cut 1     	Prazision
The Wake  		Submerge	Masked
Nimrod    		Smoking Jacket 	Grandson of Ham
Flipper   		The Lights the  Gone Fishin'
			Sound the Noise 
			the Rhythm
Bed:Brian Eno   	Lantern Marsh 	Ambient 4
Pluto     		The Pledge     	Yearbook Volume 3 (compilation)
Omoide Hatoba  		cut 9     	Daiongaku
Nimrod    		Woodzy    	Grandson of Ham
Bed: ?      		Country Stream  Environments 8
Sabres of  		RSD		Ethnotechno (compilation)
Sister Machine Gun 	Cocaine Jesus  	The Torture Technique
Burning Spear   	Jah See and   	Hail H.I.M.
Bed: C.C.C.C.  		side A	    	Live in Pittsburgh
Davey Williams 	Secrets & Mirrors   	Yearbook Volume 3
    & LaDonna 
Vampire Rodents 	Bosch Erotique 	America the Beautiful (compilation)
Orchestra       	Artful Csardas  Ukrainian Village Music (compilation)
    Bratia		Dance

2AM 45 Minute Set:  Suburban Insanity

Magnapop/Monkees    	Plesant Valley  Here No Evil (compilation)
{Luke Koyle    		Suburbia  	Structured Ambience
Pete Segar     		Little Boxes    Worlds of Pete Seegar
Pigface   		Chikasaw  	Notes From the Underground
Frank Zappa    		This Town is    200 Motels
			a Sealed Tuna 
Grotus    		Clean     	Slow Motion Apocalypse
{Thomas Dimuzio     	Yard 		America the Beautiful (compilation)
Raf  			Suburb of Hell 	Ode to a Tractor
Jawbreaker     		Lawn 		Unfun
Non  			Cleanliness	Easy Listening for Iron Youth
			 & Order
X-Tal     		Happy      	Reason is 6/7 of Treason
{Les Thugs     		Lost in the     Still Hungry
Burnin Urine   		Suburbia  	Careless Night (7")
Reversing Hour      	Gossip From     Riddle of the Monkey Suit
			the Suburbs
Mojo Nixon 		Burn Down the   Get Out of My Way
 & Skid Roper 		 Malls