The Voice of Doom

sub for Jessica... emo/indie/pop and more... maybe too much more.

This is the playlist for a substitution pickup show broadcast on KZSU on June 2nd, 2000 at noon.


Without a plan, and without a clue, I set out with the vauge idea of doing something midway between a Jessica show and a Doom show. This is the way it played out.

the playlist

some guitar music

I was going on after a world music show (Charles Lawrence) and wanted to ease in to the rock stuff, hence this set:

Grup Bamba Pnang - "Los Quin Tallu-tallu"
(The Mandar people of south Sulawesi - dir: Mah Fidaus also on guitar, with Suhaeni & Rahman.)
off of Music of Indonesia #20
(track 6)
Wailing male vocals that sounds more African than Indonesia at first listen (possibly Arabic).
Orkes Kroncong Mutiara - "Kroncong Segenygan Harapan"
(Lin Sandy on vocals)
of of Music of Indonesia #2
(track 8)
(a more upbeat sound)
Teach Me Tiger - "Remember Me, Remember You"
off of a 7" single: Remember Me, Remember You
(a jessica pick... she said something about it resembled Hawaiian pop, so I figured it might work well in a world music set...)
Sun Ra Arkestra - "theme of the stargazers/the satellites are spinning"
off of Live at Praxis '84
(Disk II/track 8)
(leads up to a nifty, stacatto male chant version of "the satellites are spinning")
Graham Haynes - "variation No. 2 on a theme by Wagner"
off of BPM
track 2
(slow and jazzy, with a few little jungle erruptions)
Braid - "I'm afraid of everything"
off of Movie Music
(Disk 1/track 4)
(a Jessica pick)
(double CD collection of this emo bands releases on 7" and so on... this mostly a slow, simple, dragging almost folky cut, though it kicks in with a harder, louder chorus (ah remember the days of the slow-fast bimodal indie rock song?)
From Bubblegum to Sky - "my thousand years with robots"
off of the 7" single
(side 1)
(a jessica pick)
Like, the definition of pop.
"And all the kids in stereo/think it's clear where we need to go... Yeah, yeah"
Destroyer - "Temple"
off of the 7" single: Temple
(someone left it on turntable 2, so I played it)
(at KZSU this has been called Bowie meets Robyn Hitchcock, and that's a reasonable description... maybe throw in a little Syd Barret. The name "Destroyer" would be more appropriate for a bad metal band... are they thinking of the Iggy Pop album?)
Linda Hirschorn & Vocolot - "Mayn Rue Platz"
off of Behold!
(track 6)
Very pretty female vox, much like mournful celtic folk music.
I'm told that this is about sweat shops, though not knowing the language I can't offer an opinion myself.

And then we have an interesting interlude where I read an especially absurd PSA about infant vomiting.

Some other set

Movie Life - "Speed Demon"
off of It's Go Time
(track 4)
(a jessica pick, I think)
Fast, head bopping rock. Vaugely 70s shrieked male vox, (alternating with a male chorus, in a pretty clasic late-70s punk style.
"Open the door! She's going to town." [...] "She plays the game! She puts her life on the line." [...] "Saturday night! Opens her eyes.... Cause after all, she's a stargazer."
Mekons - "City of London"
off of Journey to the End of Night
(track 4)
(great female vox, slow dark song)
City of London
take off your clothes
City of London
tip your hat
And show me your boarding stamp
The emprire's gone.
Dumitra Farcas - "Sambra Oilor Din Maramures"
off of Coll: Balkan Blues
(Disk 1/track 2)
Starts with great, slow, somber tones (What's that instrument? Something stranger than a flute...) over a droning accordion-like background. Strikes me like a cross between a snake charmer and a rendition of "america the beautiful". Includes a repeated riff like "Over there, over there".

Then it suddenly kicks, changes into this odd, happy gypsy violin dance tune.

theme set: an hour of new music with green covers

Najma - "Ghoom Charakhana (Talvin Singh 'Future Sound of India' Mix)"
off of Coll: Asia's Travels
(track 4)
Slow trancey technoy sound, with traditional Indian sounding female vocals.
Lock Groove - "Chinese New Year"
off of Sleeping on the Elephant Fog
(track 2)
Slow, almost whispery male vocals, over a soft strummy acoustic sounding guitar music (a little reminiscent of Can).
One Star - "E.U.R.O.P.A. "
off of Triangulum
(track 2)
Very cute sounding female voice chants/raps in English (albeit with heavy Japanese accent), over a kind of beep/beep/boop noodling melody. Just great. "You know there's something I want tell you/ But maybe I shouldn't say this/ Oh come on admit it!"
David Singer - "the accident"
off of cost of living
(track 1)
Simple somber piano, (reminds of John Lennon's early solo work). with storm sound effects in the background. Then high female vox, alternates with male vox. "Pulled myself out through the windshield/ And saw that the night was as white as the sea"
Electric Birds - "icepic & invisibility"
off of Electric Birds
(tracks 9 & 10)
High looping tones (with very slow attack, like flipped notes), over deep ambient rumblings. Transitions to: slow simple guitar melody, slow dragging male vox (kind of shoe-gazerish).
(This last track is unusual for this disk, which is mostly ambient/electronic sounds.)
Gurf Morlix - "Rainin' on me"
off of Toad of Titicaca
(track 4)
Slow, dragging, swamp country. Male vox, easy on the twang.
It's raining on me/ Nothing is right/ Nobody in the world/ Feels like I do tonight.
Matt Pond PA - "measure 1"
off of Measure
(track 1)
Strummy guitar, with somber strings, male vox:
But these sailors
count on the water
they think they'll measure
they think they'll know

I'll measure water
I'll measure the wind
that's all I can do
that's all I can do

And if you see them
would you remind them
that they know nothing.
The Bartlebees - "Flight Fright"
off of 7": So Long & Thanks for the Fish!
(side 1)
More guitar strumming, male vox, and evidently intentionally niave lyrics:
Saw him cry the other night.
He was afraid of his first flight.
I told him not to be scared.
I told him not to be aware:
There's someone who watches you
in the sky...
Sybil Vane - "White Christmas"
off of a split 7" withLocal H
green vinyl
Nice slick female vocals doing the standard with heavy guitar drone rendition of the music, reminiscent of, say the Pain Teens, (and maybe a little like Miss Murgatroid).
Radon - "Science Fiction"
off of Radon
(track 3)
Pretty cool, jumping rock, sounds like it's a blending of stuff about environmental threats with science fictional jargon about threats to the planet, and so on: Hey this place is a mess / what are you talking about, we'll clean it up later. ...and the government will give you a superfund.
Sonic Sum - "Velour 80 Grit"
off of Sanity Annex
(track 1)
Lead sounds like a movie soundtrack, complete with sound effects. Dialog comes in. "What's wrong"... then simple guitar picking starts coming up... and then it kicks to a definite hip-hop rap thing. Reminds me of say Dr. Octagon over an errie Gravediggaz like loop. "Collective way station is your brain syntax/ impair diluted oxygen contact"

The following were played simultaneously, mixed together:

Fields/Houle/Roebke - "Are you now or have you ever been"
off of Hornets Collage
(track 12)
John Rigsby - "Mother Dear at Home"
off of Forks of the Ivy
(track 7)
Electric Birds - tracks 1 & 8
off of Electric Birds
Sybil Vane - "White Christmas"
off of a split 7" with Local H
(Played at 33 RPM this time.)
And that concluded the green album cover set.

and still another set

Demoniacs - "Reagan"
off of Formaldehyde
(track 6)
Two Ton Boa - "Puppet Charm"
off of Two Ton Boa
(track 3)

Once again, the following is a mix of things played more-or-less simultaneously:

Deep Listing Band - "Cave Water"
off of Troglodytes Delight
(track 1)
Donovan - "There is an Ocean"
Electric Birds - "parallelogram"
off of Electric Birds
(track 2)

And yet another mix:

Diamanda Galas - "Double-Barreled Prayer"
off of the 12" single (I think)
Deep Listening Band - track 2
off of Troglodyte's Delight
Electric Birds - track 3
off of Electric Birds

Dali's Car - "Melt and Create"
off of The Waking Hour (1984)
(Side B, Track 1)

The final set

Ursula Dudziak - "Kaisia's Dance"
off of Future Talk
(sounds like Indian pop, very little ephasis on Dudziak's vox)
Davka - "Yo Semite"
off of Judith
(track 1)

And one last mix:

Blodder - Disk 1/track 2
off of Blodder
Ursula Dudziak - "Darkness and Newborn Light"
off of Newborn Light
(sparse, spacey vocals)
Electric Birds - "hyper elevation"
off of Electric Birds
(track 6)
Zoviet France - "Shouting at the Ground"
off of (supplied most of the "beat" to this mix)
(Side 1)
Electric Birds - "lost leaders"
off of Electric Birds
(track 11)

Dhruba Ghosh - "Raga Kaushi Kanada"
off of Sarangi

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