In the cracks, with the Voice of Doom, on KZSU

This is the playlist for an intersession pick up radio show (on Sunday June 24th, 2000, noon-3pm), once again at play on the airwaves between the cracks in the sheduling process at KZSU (that's the Stanford radio station, 90.1 FM in the Bay area). I signed up for this during what turned out to be a fairly insane week for me. My solution: mix it up. When you've got 4 or 5 things playing at once, it's unlikey that all of them are going to suddenly end when you're not looking.

Theme: Zoviet France, _Shouting at the Ground_, all 4 sides (sometimes two at once). Some DJs have a theme that they play at the beginning of their show. Me, I play my theme "song" constantly, at every moment throughout the show. And this is it, an old double LP vinyl release from Zoviet France.

Introductory tracks

Penelope Huston - "Shiney Night"
off of Once in a Blue Moon
Ani Difranco - "up, up, up, up, up"
off of up, up, up, up, up

First mix

Anna Domino - "Pome on Doctor Sax"
off of Coll: Kicks Joy Darkness
Zoviet France - side 4
off of Shouting at the Ground
Graham Haynes - "Inn a Most"
off of BPM
From the A-file.
Slide 5 - "Outerspace"
off of Coll: Best of Cookin'
From the A-file.
Hunter S. Thompson - "End of the Road/Outro"
off of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
Gia Tai Cua Me - "Khannh Ly"
off of Ha't Cho Que^ Hu'o'ng Vie^t Nam I
Disk I track 19
Zoviet France - Side 1
off of Shouting at the Ground
Myles Boisen & John Shiurba - "Sanders Can't Dance"
off of Uncle Unplugged
Track 1
Limited Sedition 017
Leonard Cohen - "The Law"
off of Various Positions
Myles Boisen & John Shiurba - Track 3
off of Uncle Unplugged
Limited Sedition 017

Second mix

Tami Hart - "burnout"
off of No Light in August
track 2
From the A-file.
Joe Morris Quartet - "Coil"
off of At the Old Office
track 3 (19:50)
From the A-file.
Divit - "Unwound"
off of Latest Issue (Cold Front)
From the A-file.
Beethoven (Paul Olefsky - cello, Walter Hatzig - piano) - Tracks 1, 2 & 3
off of Complete Works for Piano & Cello
5 Sonatas & 3 sets of variations
Tom with Brad and Alice Sauber - "Dear Friends, Farewell"
off of Holly Ding
From the A-file.
Mista Sinista - "Sseriouss!! (acapella)"
off of Sseriouss
From the A-file.
MF Doom - "The time we faced doom"
off of Operation: Doomsday
From the A-file.
Forma Tardre - Track 1: "La Lite'" & Track 2: "Passage North"
off of Automate
From the A-file.
Forma Tardre - Track 3: "Sinus Park" & Track 4
off of Automate
From the A-file.
Global Decoy - "Twitch"
off of Coll: Floor Core Ep
From the A-file.
Steve Roach - "Midnight Loom"
off of Midnight Moon
Track 2
From the A-file.
Travis T - "So Funky"
off of Coll: Floor Core Ep
From the A-file.
Litmus Green - "Hegemenoy"
off of Cockring
From the A-file.

Mix the third

The Bran Flakes - "Loving Doop"
off of Coll: This is Overnguard, Vol 3
From the A-file.
P.I.S.S. (Perkis Ingalls Shiurba Sperry) - "Unfold"
off of LS 017
track 1
[More mystery Vietnamese Music on the Que Me label]
Side II Track 1
Mad Sheer Khan - "Night of India (featuring Sharmila Roy on vocals)"
off of 1001 Nights
From the A-file.
Ida Sessions - "Depth Charger"
off of Ida Sessions
From the A-file.
One Star - "Cyril's Comic"
off of Triangulum
Track 4
From the A-file.
Destroyer - "Destroyers (The Temple)"
off of 7": The Temple
From the A-file.
Wobbly - "10 July 98"
off of Coll: This is Ovenguard, Vol 3
From the A-file.
Played intro four times.

A lead-in for Jubwa's hip-hop show

Sun Ra - "Everything is Space"
off of Somewhere Else


KZSU's A-file

What's the A-file? It's a pile of recently released music that we've decided is good stuff that it deserves a push. DJ's are technically required to play something like ten tracks per show out of the A-file, though most play more than that. How does something get into the A-file? Well, hopeful labels & bands send us stuff, DJs volunteer to review it and paste short write-ups on the front, then it gets passed to the music directors, who look at the reviews, maybe give it another listen or two, and decide if it's "A-file" worthy (or if it merely gets sent to our main library... unlike some college radio stations, KZSU tries not to throw stuff away). There's a few other checks and balances in the system, but that's about it.

If you'd like to see what's currently in the a-file, you can view it on line: The Current A-File . If you're curious about something in the A-file, you can always try phoning in a request: (415) 723-9010. If it's half-way appropriate for the current show, maybe they'll get it on the air (it might help if you can give them the A-file number with your request).

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