The Machine 6/29/95: The Walls of Gender

Playlist notation

Background Music: Lull - Silent Entry   Coll: Invisible Domains

Artist			Cut			Album
Pan African Orchestra	Akan Drumming		Opus 1
The Anti-Group		Iso-Erotic Calibration  Iso-Erotic Calibration
Robin Eubanks		Skin & Bones		Mental Images
Mouse on Mars		Elli im Wunderland	Vulvaland
Bonnie Barnett		Something to do With	Coll: Dice
Lycia			In the Fire & Flames	Burning Circle and the Dust
{Gary Burton & Rebecca   Fire in the Forest	It's Another Day
Coil			How to Destroy Angels
Hijokaidan		Romance			Romance
Eden			Fire and Rain		Fire & Rain
Ikue Mori		Woke Up Aghast		Hex Kitchen
Yvar Mikhashoff		Tango Music		Incitation to Desire
  & Ivana Ladova
Anne LeBaron		Eurydice Meets Hermes	The Musical Realism....
Play Along with Doom
{The Fugs		How Sweetly I Roamed	Golden Filth
Voice Crack		X-Ray			Earflash
David Bowie		Song for Bob Dylan	Hunky Dory
Arto Lindsay Trio	Venus			Aggregates
Ikue Mori		Kiss of Fire		Hex Kitchen
Anton Lavey		Blue Prelude		Satan Takes a Holiday
Jule Brown		The Whore I Own		The Legendary Magic of...
The Golden Palominos	Wings			Pure
Eleventh Dream Day	Flutter			Ursa Major
Jim Carrol		I Want the Angel	Catholic Boy

45 Minute Set: Walls of Gender
Robyn Hitchcock		The Moon Inside		Respect
  & the Egyptians
Slant 6			Ladybug Superfly	Inzombia
King Crimson		Matte Kudasi		Discipline
Sow			Blood Sucking Bitch	Je Maime
Ami Difranco		Buildings & Bridges	Out of Range
Sheila Chandra		Woman & Child		The Zen Kiss
Bikini Kill		Alien She		Pussy Whipped
Grace Jones		Typical Male		Sex Drive
Childman		Refuse to Be a Man	Coll: Nettwerk Sounds
						Sampler Vol 4
Ann Magnuson		Helmut Newton Told Me	Coll: Caged/Uncaged
Burl Ives		The Scary Witch		
{Psychic transvestites rant
Coil			How to Destroy Angels	
Ru Paul			Supermodel		Coll: Twitch Vol10
Leonard Cohen		Queen Victoria		Live Songs

Hakim Bey		Amour Fu		T.A.Z.