The Voice of Doom

This is the playlist for a substitution pickup show broadcast on KZSU on July 8th, 2001 at 3pm


I slapped together a rough scheme the night before the show, once again taking a stab at doing a 45 minute set on the theme "Towards a New Science of Megapolisomancy".

sound bed

The background sounds for this show were usually Danielle DeGruttola's CD "Oaktown Dreams", frequently the dark, murky track "Earthworms".

the playlist

set the first

Graham Connah & the Sour Note Seven - "Blossom"
off of Because of Wayne
track 2
Deep jazz with Julia Eisenberg doing some of Graham's characteristic twisted, nonsense (?) lyrics
From the the A-file
Blue Aeroplanes - "Blood and Roses "
off of Weird Shit
track 12
Cool hushed voice rock version of the old Richard Farina / N. Scooper folk song.
From the the A-file
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - "Everything's Impossible"
off of Bob Dinners & Larry Noodles Present Tubby Turdner's Celebrity Avalanch
track 5 - 3:40
From the the A-file

set the second

Dan Plonsey - "The Piece John Described"
off of Daniel Popsicle
track 6 - 9:36
A little less obviously silly than most of the "Daniel Popsicle" work: deep, strange, murkey "jazz"
From the the A-file
Eric Truffaz - "Mobile in Motion, The Down Point"
off of Reviste
track 1 - 4:59
Heavy, slow, sparse, almost gothic.
From the the A-file
The National - "The Lady in Red"
off of Musee' Me'chaniqu`e presents The Zelinsky Collection, Volume 1
track 1 - 3:11
Cool, soulful, player piano music, live from the Cliffhouse in San Francisco.
? - "Kamone To Soy O Kaze"
off of ?
track A1
A Japanese 7" 45, release on the Columbia label in 1960. All other info is in Japanese.
Really strange. Japanese mambo music with deep female vocals: just amazing.

set the third

Die Form / AKT - "Cinema"
off of Side Projects and Experimental Collection
disk I, track 1
Slow, plodding monster movie music sound.
From the the A-file
Kali Fasteau - "Royal Purple "
off of Vivid
track 10 - 4:16
Builds to a fast, squealing sax heavy sound
From the the A-file
Fred Frith - "the earth is a flower "
off of clearing
track 10 - 3:52
solo guitar (with a flexible definition of "guitar"), leads off with an incredible wall of electronic noise, gradually chills out
From the the A-file

set the fourth

Jin Hi Kim - "Core"
off of Komungo
track 2 - 5:26
acoustic komungo (a traditional Korean stringed instrument, but not always played in a traditional style by Kim)
Rapid pulsing, bassy piece.
From the the A-file
Lycia - "Down"
off of Compilation Appearences Volume 1
track 2 - 5:30
traditional industrial dance sound, fuzzed up male vocals
From the the A-file
Magic Carpathans Project - " "
off of Ethnocore 2: mytu
track 2 - 6:33
cool female vocals on this one
From the the A-file
Spring Heel Jack & the Blue Series Continuum - "Interlude 1"
off of Masses
track 3 - 1:54
noise duo using Jazz overlays
From the the A-file

set the fifth

Started doing some mixing here, using Danielle DeGrutolla's Oaktown Dream CD, a random reel-to-reel tape found in a thrift store, played at the wrong speed on KZSU's decacying R-to-R decks, and:

Heidi Saperstein - "Sister 2"
off of Devil I Once New
track 5 - 2:24
From the the A-file
Jon Rose - "Siren"
off of Hyperstring Project
track 1
From the the A-file

set the six

Kerouac & Joe Strummer - "MacDougal Street Blues"
off of Kicks Joy Darkness
track 9 - 2:46
kerouac reading from the late 50s, enhanced (or at least not ruined) by the addition of some Joe Strummer instrumentals.
Mouse on Mars - "Presence"
off of Idiology
track 3 - 4:40
Slow Vox (male vocals shifted up to almost sound like female vox, or like a 70s era prog castratto). Trippy/hecy stuff, something about the senses... "Focus at one spot we call presence".
From the the A-file
? - "Destroy All Monsters"
off of Best of Godzilla '54-'75
track 26 - 2:45
lead space chord -> ominous orchestra licks -> the classic (to my mind) Godzilla theme
Sun Ra - "Discipline 8"
off of Discipline 27-11 the Discipline Series from the Secrets of the Sun Volume II
track A2 - 7:56
Repetetice Vamp, 'silla-like with rapid free sax screeches. ends with congas, solo

the 45 minute set: Towards a New Science of Megapolisomancy, Trial 3

Jim Carrol - "City Drops into the Night "
off of Cathlic Boy
track B1 - 7:20
The Hail Marys - "Cold Comfort "
off of California King
track 4 - 4:10
"Mother Nature cuts down"; "Feels like we're coming up with something big" Folk/Rock female vox (in fact, evidentally a lesbian band).
Tom Waits - "In the Neighborhood"
off of swordfishtrombones
track 7 - 3:04
Bonfire Madigan - "Corner-Store Conspiracies"
off of Rock Stop
track 2 - 3:00
folk punk with string quartet instruments
Die Form - "Bacterium"
off of Side Projects and Exerimental Release
disk I, track 7 - 17:20
Great sparse, weird stuff... which I mixed in with the next half dozen tracks.
Peet Seegar - "Pittsburgh Town"
off of American Industrial Ballads
track B11
A Woody Guthrie song. "Pittsburgh, is a smoky old town..."
Blue Aeroplanes - "Streets of Laredo"
off of Weird Shit
track 13 - 3:41
The traditional song, not played in the traditional style, nor with the traditional lyrics.
From the the A-file
Transcription Service of Radio Nederland - "City of Amerstan, A close up in sound "
7", 45 RPM
? - "Going Down Main Street"
off of Musee' Me'chaniqu`e presents The Zelinsky Collection, Volume 1
Ronnie Whyte - "New York State of Mind "
off of New York State of Mind
track A 3
The only Billy Joel song I've ever played on the air, even for 30 seconds.
Pete Seegar - "Little Boxes"
off of Greatest Hits
track A 1 - 1:51
John Cage - "branches"
off of Branches (1976)
track 1
Sparse John Cage percussion. Weird even for Cage (e.g. instrumentation includes amplified cactus needles). Mixed with the following track...
Walt Whitman - "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry"
read by Ed Begley

tag set

Daniel R. Belll aka Chachi Jones - "October "
off of Sleeping on Sine Waves
track 3 - 4:00
From the the A-file
Saboten - "Heaven Heath"
off of The God Ocean
track 4 - 7:30
From the the A-file



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