KZSU's Voice of Doom on KZSU, July 8, 2002

The playlist for a show I did while subbing for Red West down at KZSU (the Stanford radio station... 90.1 FM in the SF Bay Area, and elsewhere)... Red is an ecclectic kind-of-guy, but with rockish inclinations, which is one of the things I had in mind doing this show.


Most of the time when talking on the mic the background sounds were coming from:

Social Interiors - "Intrusions (due to inclement weather)"
off of The World Behind You
track 6
Label: Extreme
1994 (I think)

set the first: defunkificaton

Sun Ra - "India"
off of Super-Sonic Jazz
side A, track 1
a new re-issue on 12" vinyl
Fridge - "Bad Ischl"
off of Eph Reissue
track 6, 6:29
Deep, saxy, soundtrack-like
Six Organs of Admittance - "Hollow Light Severed Sun"
off of dust & chimes
track 3, 5:28
Anup & Sonali Jalota - "Yaad Karta Hai"
off of Bhulaye Na Bane and/or Kali Khili Gali Gali
Side A (?), track 1
Cassette of Indian soundtrack music

Set the second: some wrong turns, and (somewhat) rapid recovery

Metta Quintet - "Previous Condition"
off of Going to Meet the Man
track 4, 5:53
Basic, straight (mebbe too straight) jazz, suppossedly based on the James Baldwin short-story
A project from
From the the A-file
Danielle Howle - "Could Be Here"
off of Skorborealis
track 1, 3:08
lush country/rock
From the the A-file
I.K. Dairo - "Okin Omo Ni"
off of the Rough Trade Guide to Nigeria and Ghana compilation
track 1
slow Juju (a call & response genre), melodic, mellow
Kings of Convenience vs Fourtet - "The Weight of My Words (4tet mix)"
off of 12" EP
side A, track 1, 4:56

set the third: holding steady

Yusuf Lateef - "Meditations No. 1"
off of Meditations
track 1
Released 1990, on the Atlantic label
An amazingly "gothic" sound here for someone who's nominally a "jazz" artist.
Jana McCall - "eyes aglow"
off of slumber
track 1
From the the A-file
Sun God - "Agwe"
off of EFA
track 7
blippy, whispery
side project from members of the Cassandra Project and Project Pitchfork, mid-90s
Ledenhed - "supermyth (bass kittens remix)"
off of Central Nervous System
track 11, 5:37
Brave indie rocker subjects himself to the Bass Kittens school of industrialesque techno: cool track results

set the fourth: retro then... something else

Gray Matter - "2nd Guess"
off of Thog
track 3
When I was last hanging at, they were blasting Gray Matter for hours.
New York Dolls - "Lonely Planet Boy"
off of New York Dolls
Side A, Track 4
Released 1973
Last of the glams/First of the punks?
This track is atypical: a slower, ballad-ish type thing.
Tom Waits - "Everything you Think of"
off of Alice
track 2
Tom Waits singing like an Oompah-Loompah: "Everything you think of is true."
Off one of the recent Waits releases.
Mark Twain - "Old Voices"
off of Mark Twain: A Film
track 11, 0:41
Brief reading of some Mark Twain lines...

Set four, part two: The Mix

Much of this stuff was played on top of each other, and often parts of it were looped. The order is approximate:

Marchetti, Noetinger, Werchowski - "?"
off of Hermes034
track 1
French electroacoustic guys who like to play with relatively low-tech analog feedback loops with mechanical resonators in the system.
I'd just seen these folks perform at the Tonic, which is where I picked up the CD (which I thought was a little better than the live show).
Corpus Hermeticum/POB 124 Lyttelton/Canterbury, NZ
Soma - "The Collector"
off of The Inncer Cinema
track 6
Off the Extreme label
(I think I was shooting for track 6 on the Social Interiors disk, but it hardly mattered, I got to it later.)
Social Interiors - "Intrusions (due to inclement weather)"
off of The World Behind You
track 6
Off the Extreme label
Doom Selector - "Broken Joint"
off of San Francisco Sound Spectrum compilation
From Twitch
? - "?"
off of RRR-100
Excellent collection of locked-grove noise loops from RRRecords. Still my personal favorite (better than RRR-500).
It's really hard to tell which locked grove you're using in particular, and I was switching around (as well as putting the whole signal through a 3 second delay loop on occasion).
RRRecords/151 Page Str/Lowerl, MA 01852 USA
Anup & Sonali Jalota - "?"
off of a cassette titled Bhulaye Na Bane/Kali Hili Gali Gali (or something like that)
Film soundtrack music (I think) from India
Heidy Diana - "?"
off of Oh Cntaku, another Cassette release
Pop music from Indonesia
Ned Rorem & Judith Lang Zaimont - "Last Poems of Wallace Stevens"
off of Poems & Magic
Wallace Stevens given the opera treatment to make it completely incomprehensible.
Old vinyl from some thrift store or something.
Odyssey Arcane - "Transhumance"
off of San Francisco Sound Spectrum compilation
From Twitch
Rocky Horror Picture Show - "?"
off of the Film Soundtrack 7" EP

Set the fifth: rocking at last

Erase Errata - "Gross Grace"
off of Structure of Scientific Misconceptions Collection
track 1, 3:57
Industrial noise into some great female vocals (unusually slick for Erase Eratta)
From the the A-file
Le Tigre - "Mediocrity Rules (DJ Ham & Cheese on Rye Mix)"
off of Remix 12"
A little more electronicized than usual for Le Tigre. Could this be post-rock?
From the the A-file
Songs for Emma - "Parameters of Compassion"
off of Red Lies & Black Thoughts
track 1
Soul Live - "Clap! (Black thought remix)"
off of 12"
From the the A-file
Chieko Mori - "Irana's Dream"
off of East Asia Travelog
track 12
some delicate intrumental music from Japan
William Norman Edwards - "Down Here"
off of Down Here
track 1, 3:05
"wearing your compassion like a crown"

Set the sixth

David Bowie - "Fill Your Heart"
off of Hunky Dory
side b, track 1
This was a rykodisk re-release on *clear* vinyl, which means you can't tell if you're looking at a line on one side or the other of the record. Hence, the first track
Hiresukan - "Driver"
off of Invasive/Exotic
track 4
Ridiculously noisy, screaming abrasive stuff. I have no idea why anyone listens to this kind of shit. Here I played it twice.
From the the A-file
Social Interiors - "In the Mix"
off of The World Behind You
track 1
you may have heard that this is on the Extreme label
played simultaneously with:
? - "?"
off of RRR-100
RRRecords/151 Page Str/Lowerl, MA 01852 USA
and on top of both of these, I read:
C.S. Lewis - "Noise"
from The Screwtape Letters
See the full C.S. Lewis quote is below.
Sun Ra - "Kingdom of Not"
off of Super-sonic Jazz
side B, track 1
some straight solid jazz
Jana McCall - "grace of the peak"
off of slumber
track 8, 2:53
"My mind races, and all the things that have come before... " / "should I bow to your grace"
From the the A-file
slowish, female vocal track
played simultaneously with:
Tiger Saw - "Blessed are the trials we find"
off of Beware the trials we find
track 1, 4:00
slow male and female vocals
From the the A-file
Soma - "Drunken Atlantean"
off of The Inner Cinema
track 4

closing tag

Blechtum from Blechdom - "Chirpurr"
off of Structure of Scientific Misconceptions compilation
track 10, 4:52
infamous local electronic duo
some very silly ghosts dance
From the the A-file
Bass Kittens - "Disengage"
off of San Francisco Sound Spectrum compilation
From Twitch
Jackie-O was impressed by this pick, even if I was playing it at 33RPM.

Appendix 2: The Screwtape Letters

A quotation from "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis (a book written in the form of a series of letters of advice from a senior demon to a junior demon):

Music and silence -- how I detest them both! How thankful we should be that ever since our Father entered Hell -- though longer ago than humans, reckoning in light years, could express -- no square inch of infernal space and no moment of infernal time has been surrendered to either of those abominable forces, but all has been occupied by Noise -- Noise, the grand dynamism, the audible expression of all that is exultant, ruthless, and virile -- Noise which alone defends us from silly qualms, despairing scruples, and impossible desires. We will make the whole universe a noise in the end. We have already made great strides in this direction as regards the Earth. The melodies and silences of Heaven will be shouted down in the end. But I admit we are not yet loud enough, or anything like it. Research is in progress.
page 202/203, of the Macmillan Paperbacks Edition.

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