The Machine 7/13/95: Automotive Transit

Playlist notation

Background Music: Aurobindo: Involution LP (Glass Beads,
Into the Physical, etc.)

Artist			Cut			Album
Land			Bustle			Land
Arnold Dreyblatt	Animal Magnetism	Animal 
Iconoclast		XXXtasy			Speed of Desire
{Rich Lerner		Thrill of the Chase	Darkness & Light
Aurobindo		Glass Beads		Involution
Giacinto Scelsi		Ko-Lho for flute &	Music for Wind Instruments
			clarinet		& Percussion
{Exene Cervenka		There is no terra	Surface to Air
King, Moss & Yoshide	Baby Blues for Marilyn	All at Once At Any Time
Jarboe			Ode to V		Sacrificial Cake
Future Sound of London	Dirty Shadows		ISDN
Splatter Trio		SatUrN Research		Anagrams
Zikr			Presentiment		Mystery of the Cup
Play Along With Doom	Xerox Machine Recycling	
Venus Cures All		Tossing Pearls		Coll: Ear of the Dragon
Robyn Hitchcock		Let There Be More	Invisible Hitchcock
Lida Husik		Midnight of Life	Joyride
Jarboe			Spiral Staircase	Sacrificial Cake
Verve			A Northern Soul		A Northern Soul
Rais Najib Ensemble	You Left Without	Coll: Morocco: Crossroads
			Talking To Me		of Time
The Sudden		The Unsound Room	The Unsound Room (10")
Pram			Chrysalis		Meshes
The Blue Aeroplanes	Open			Life Model

The 45 Minute Set on the theme of Automotive Transit:
Richard Lerman		Autos, Windharps &	Within Earreach
Iconoclast		In a Big White Car	Speed of Desire
The Balanescu Quartet	Autobahn		Possessed
{Philip Glass &		Green Automobile	Hydrogen Jukebox
   Allen Ginsberg
Perry Botkin		Auto Erotica		Combines - 5 Electronic 
My Life with the	Motor City remix	Sex on Wheels (CD single)
   Thrill Kill Kult
Miss Personality	I Work for My Car	Coll: Synthetic CD Single
Julian Cope		Autogeddon Blues	Autogeddon Blues
Phil Ochs		My Kingdom for a Car	Greatest Hits
Jonathan Richman &	Road Runner		The Modern Lovers
  the Modern Lovers
B:{Richard Lerman	Autos, Windharps &	Within Earreach
Perry Botkin		Auto Erotica		Combines - 5 Electronic