The Machine 7/20/95: Getting into Leather

Playlist notation

Artist			Cut			Album
B:Dissolve		4			That that is...
Hans Zimmer		To Die For		The Lion King
K.K. Null/James Plotkin	Dead Moon Ritual	coll: Water - Elements V. 1
Marilyn Crispell	Santuerio		Santuerio
Yosuke Yamashita	Lullaby in Color	Dazzling Days
B:Dissolve		5 & 6			That that is...
Jarboe			Troll Lullaby		Sacrificial Cake
Beatles			Taxman			Revolver
Dambuilders		Collective		Encendedor
{Allen Ginsberg		Kral Majales		Holy Soul Jelly Roll v. 2
Dissolve		9			That that is...
Aurobindo               Glass Beads		Involution
B:{Dissolve		9			That that is...
Aurobindo               Glass Beads		Involution
Anton Lavey		Satan Takes a Holiday	Satan Takes a Holiday
Fred Frith		Year of the Monkey	Gravity
Anton Lavey		Satan Takes a Holiday	Satan Takes a Holiday
Play Along With Doom
Christian Marclay &	Vitalium		Live Improvisations
   Gunter Mueller
B: Aurobindo            Into the Physical	Involution
Contrastate		Virophilia		C: Invisible Domains
{Chris Rea		Drawing Board		Reason to Believe
Psychick Warriors ov	Out Now			Out Now 12"
Gordon Stone		Blue Landing		Scratchin the Surface
Stone Glass Steel	Violent Grace		C: Invisible Domains
Vitreous Humor		Invention is a		Vitreous Humor
			National Treasure
B: Aurobindo		Battery Ending		Involution
Anna Hommler		Blue Flame Blue		C: Poetic Silhouettes
Clock DVA		Return to Blue		Sign
Leonard Cohen		Who By Fire		New Songs For the Old Ceremony
Eden			Fire & Rain		Fire & Rain
B: Psychick Warriors ov dust			Out Now 12"

45 Minute Set: Getting into Leather
Joan Jett &		Black Leather		Flashback
   the Blackhearts
Leather Strip		Leather Strip part 1	Penetrate the Satanic Citizen
John Zewizz		Leather Thighs		Women of the SS
God Is My Co-Pilot	Rubber & Leather	How to Be
Excessive Force		Leather Clad Warrior	Blitzkrieg
Slot			Emma Peel		7"
Tori Amos		Leather			Little Earthquakes
The Gits		Second Skin		Frenching the Bully
Sleep Chamber		Dominatrix		Sleep or Forever Hold 
						Your Peace
Master/Slave		Pornographic Women	Being Led Around By the Tounge
Single Gun Theory	I Am What I See		Like Stars in My Hands
B: Excessive Force	Leather Clad Dub	Gentle Death