The Machine 7/27/95: Tango, Tango, Tango!

Playlist notation

Artist			Cut			Album
B: Aurobindo		Vertical Challenge	Involution
Malign			Skin & Lye		C: Disease of Lady Madeline
Aurobindo		Vertical Challenge	Involution
Malign			Charging the Weapon	C: Disease of Lady Madeline
Terminal Sect		Gun Worship		The humansconditioned
{Bruce Springsteen/	Vigilante Man		C: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie
   Woody Guthrie				and Lead Belly
Halima Chedli Ensemble  Touhami Dikr		C: Trance 2
Ambush			Violeure		Lach!
Da Lench Mob		Freedom Got an A.K.	Freedom Got an A.K. (CD single)
Land			Limba			Land
Anne Le Baron		Orpheus Laments		The Musical Railism of...
Pan African Orchestra	Mmenson			Opus 1
Terminal Sect		Maze of Penetration	The humansconditioned
Beak			Airplane		7" 
Bley/Parker/Phillips	You Will Oscar, You	Time Will Tell
John Cale		Coral Moon		Seducing Down the Door
Play Along With Doom & Dangerbaby
Plonsey/Hinds/Hinds/	Prismatic		Another Curiosity Piece
   /Ben Ya'Akova
{Love Spirals Downward	Depression Glass	
Zoviet France		Side 4			Shouting at the Ground
Aurobindo		Glass Beads		Involution
Tribes of Neurot	(topless square symbol) Double 7":Rebegin
B: Lab Report		The Information		Terminal (soundtrack)
Derek Bailey		Happy Birthday to You	Domestic & Public Pieces
Broun Fellinis		Zoomin'			Aphrokubist 
						Improvisations Vol 9
Lab Report		The Information		Terminal (soundtrack)
Broun Fellinis		Bathsheba Blue		Aphrokubist 
						Improvisations Vol 9
Golden Palominos	Alive & Living Now	Drunk WIth Passion
{Maurice Chevalier	I'm Glad I'm Not Young	Gigi (sountrack)
Zoviet France		Side 3			Shouting at the Ground
B:Lab Report		Becoming Aware		Terminal (soundtrack)
Sky Cries Mary		Scapegoat		This Timeless Turning
Nuns			I'Monster		Romania
{Allen Ginsberg		Who Be Kind To		Holy Soul Jelly Roll	
						Disk 3: Ah!
Lab Report		Becoming Aware		Terminal (soundtrack)
Tchaikovsky/London      Andante cantabille	Rococo Variations
   Philharmonic - Sir   from Quartet No.1, 
   Charles Mackerras    Op. 11)
Oruj Guvenc		Bismillah ar-Rahman	Ocean of Remembrance

45 Minute theme set: Tango, Tango, Tango!
Astor Piazzolla		Regreso al Amor		Sur
New York-Buenos Aires	Cheseando		The New Tango
Yvar Mikhashoff/	Tango			Incitation to Desire
  David Jaggard
Club Foot Orchestra	Tango			Sherlock Jr. & Felix the Cat
Willem Breuker		Tango			Deze Kant Op Dames
Igor Stravinsky		Tango			Music for Piano (1911-'42)
Vic Mizzy his		The Anxiety Tango	C: Addams Family (TV 
  orchestra & chorus				soundtrack)
{Aqua Velvets		Tango De Milo		Aqua Velvets
Laurie Anderson		It Tango		United States Live (Disc 4)
Tod Dockstander		Tango From		C: From A to Z
Splatter Trio		Tango Big Boy		Anagrams
Miss Murgatroid		Hacklespaus Final	Methy Ethly Ketones
Carla Bley		Reactionary Tango Pt 2	Social Studies