The Machine 8/3/95: Transhumanism

Playlist notation

Artist			Cut			Album
David Shea		Enter the Dragon	Hsi-Hu Chi
Balinese Temple		Balinese Trance Rituals	C:Trance 2
Hanatarash		Total Retardation	7" Art of Hanatarash
Vitreous Humor		Applaud Water		Vitreous Humor
B: Sleephead		Swallow			7" w/Delphium
Sven Vath		Birth of Robby		The Harlequin, The Robot and
						the Ballet Dancer
Rich Lerner		I Saw the Universe	Darkness and Light
{Delphium		no title		7" w/Sleephead
Ani Difranco		Tiptoe			Not a Pretty Girl
God is My Co-Piloit	Caught Looking		7" Ootko sa poika vai tytto?
God is My Co-Piloit	Laulu X			7" Ootko sa poika vai tytto?
Dog Faced Hermans	Keep Your Laws off	Those Deep Buds
			My Body
B: Lee Ranaldo		track 3			Scriptures of Golden Eternity
Coil			Cave of Roses		Angelic Conversation
Doom Vox		Human Web		
John Lennon & Yoko	We're All Water		Some Time
B: Lee Ranaldo		track 2			Scriptures of Golden Eternity
Fairport Convention	Red Tide		Jewel in the Crown
Teresa Brewer		Accentuate the		Midnight Cafe
Cath Carrol &		Factory Town		7"
Itch			Good to be Alive	C: Nettwerk sounds sampler 4
Verve			Life's an Ocean		A Northern Soul
B: Hanatarash		The Art of Hanatarash	7" The Art of Hanatarash
Clock DVA		Fractilize		Man-Amplified
Ilya Prigogine		Une Fenetre de		C: Chaos in Expansion
Machines of Loving	butterfly wings		CD single
   Grace		(second mix)
Sky Cries Mary		Ocean Which Humanity	A Return to the Inner 
			   is...		Experience

45 Minute Set: Transhumanism
Golden Palominos	No Skin			Pure
Clock DVA		Man Amplifiers		Man-Amplified
Ultravox		I Want to Be a Machine	Ultravox '80
{Elliot Sharp/Carbon	Upload			Amusia
Richard Kennaway	Methods of Uploading
{Elliot Sharp/Carbon	Replicator		Amusia
Political Asylum	Winter of Our		C: 400 Day Headache
{K.K. Null		Memes			7" cryonics
Shamen (w/Terrence 	Re: Evolution		Boss Drum
David Bowie		Pretty Things		Hunky Dory
Sun Ra			We Travel the		Live at Montreux
Bonzo Dog Band		Urban Spaceman		Bonzo Dog Band
Larry & Rita's Boy	Frozen Head		Larry & Rita's Boy
B:Sun Ra		We Travel the		Live at Montreux