The Machine 8/10/95: Improv != Jazz

Playlist notation

Background Music: Yona Kit - Yona Kit (track 9: "Slice of LIfe")

Later: Quintron - Internal Feed

Artist			Cut			Album
Oneiroid Psychosis	Fleshmachine		Stillbirth
My Life with the	After the Flesh		Crow (sountrack)
   Thrill Kill Kult
Slant 6			Become Your Ghost	Soda Pop Rip Off
Clock DVA		Virtual Flesh		Collective
Plum			Ultraman		Neptune's Daughters
Null and Void		All the Old Humans	Null and Void
Sheep on Drugs		Uberman			Greatest Hits
Vindictives		I'm Sick		Many Moods of the Vindictives
A.F.I.			Theory of Revolution	7":Fly in the Ointment
Joy Division		Dead Souls		Substance
Seemen			Time Passes		
B: Seemen		High in the Trees	
Robert Rich & Lisa	Suspension		Yearning
Play Along With Doom
Frank Genius		Secret of 6 Dimensions	Planet Genius
B: Quintron
Stein			Dandy McCabe		Konigzucker
Cath Carrol &		Mississippi River	7:
Fairport Convention	Closing Time		Jewel in the Crown
   (Leonard Cohen)
5UU's			Equus			Hunger's Teeth
Patti Smith		Land			Horses
Shiela Chandra		Rags			Nada Brahma
B:Philharmonie		Sea Horse		Les elephants

45 Minute Set: Improv != Jazz
Mandible Chatter	Dead White American	C: America the Beautiful
Ellery Eskelin		Rain			Jazz Trash
Plonsey, Hinds & Hinds	Another Curiosity	Another Curiosity Piece
Glenn Spearman		Celestial Source	Smokehouse
Anna Homler		Santiago		C: Awaken
Splatter Trio		Spatter vs. the Titans	Anagrams
Molecules		Ranger Paper		Steel Toe
Myles Boisen		Weave Weave		Guitarspeak
Miya Masaoka		Topaz Refractions	Compositions - Improvisations
Grahm Connah Group	All Her Wind & Her	Snaps Erupt at Pure Spans
B: Carl Stone		Gadberry's		Mom's