The Machine 8/17/95: Fashion and Anti-fashion

Playlist notation Background Music: Ramnel/Corbett - "Jot & Titillation" off of _The Devil's in the Details_.

Artist			Cut			Album
Sven Vath		Harlequin - The Beauty	The Harlequin - The Robot &
			& The Beast		The Ballet Dancer
Jilala Brotherhood	Darba Del Hamemi	Coll: Morocco: Crossroads
						of Time
David Shea		Metal			Hsi-Yu Chi
Ensemble for Early	Saltarello	
Ellery Eskelin		Rain			Jazz Trash
John Cage		5' 40"
Mandible Chatter	Coffins Filled with	Hair, Hair Lock & Lore
Mandible Chatter	Bedrock & Paradox	Hair, Hair Lock & Lore
Jane Sieberry		It Can't Rain All the	Crow (Soundtrack)
B: Ellery Eskelin	100 Days		Jazz Trash
Play Along With Doom
Oruj Guvench		Allah, Allah, Allah	Ocean of Remembrance
Land			Limba			Land
Bjork			enjoy			Post
Jarboe			Tragic Seed		Sacrificial Cake
Anton Lavey		Blue Prelude		Satan Takes a Holiday
Ikue Mori		Kiss of Fire		Hex Kitchen

45 Minute uninterrupted set: Fashion & Anti-Fashion
{Michael Shrieve	Stiletto		Stiletto
Slant 6			Mascaria		Inzombia
Supernova		Long Hair & Tattoos	7"
Red Number Nine		Fashion Punk		7"
Lizard Music		Costume Jewlery		Fashionably Lame
David Bowie		Queen Bitch		Hunky Dory
Paul Westerberg		Mannequin Shop		14 Songs
{Inspiral Carpets	I Want You		Devil Hopping
Michael Shrieve		Stiletto		Stiletto
Inspiral Carpets	Uniform			Devil Hopping
Brave Combo		Do Something Different	A Night on Earth
Tilt			Lips, Tits, Hips	'til it kills
Girls at Our Best	It's Fashion		Pleasure
Marshall Crenshaw	Face of Fashion		Life's Too Short
{African Head Charge	No Don't Follow 	In Pursuit of Shoshamane Land
Camper Van Beehtoven	Take the Skinheads	Camper Van Beehtoven
Depeche Mode		Dressed in Black	Black Celebration
Joan Jett & the Black	Black Leather		Flashback
Sondheim/Bernstein	I'm so Pretty		West Side Story
Jefferson Airplane	Pretty as You Feel	Flight Log
Sky Cries Mary		Vuh			This Timeless Turning
Single Gun Theory	I Am What I See		Nettwerk Sounds Sampler V. 4

Ferdinand & Les		track 3			Ensableur de Portugaises
Broun Fellinis		track 3