The Machine 8/24/95: A Collection of Heroes

Playlist notation

Patti Smith		Land				Horses
The Residents		The Sold-Out Artist	Gingerbread Man
Psychic TV		(first 4 mins)		A Hollow Cost 
  & Genesis P. 
B:Horsey		underbelley			7"
The Anti-Group		Ghost Cultures/		Digitaria
			Noosphere/Lux Nox
Residents		The Old Soldier		Gingerbread Man
Ensemble Rasa		Summer Solstice Song	Lativa:
Music of Solar 		(a capella)		Rites
B:Zoviet France					A Flock of Rotations
{Jennifer Blowdryer	Valentine's Day		C: Relationships from 
Zoviet France					A Flock of Rotations
Horsey			underbelly		7"
Elmer Bernstein		The Plauges		Ten Commandments (sound
The Residents		The Aging Musician	Gingerbread Man
Adama Diabate		orphan			Jako Baye
Homer Erotic		Late 20th Century 	C: Relationships from
			Sexuality		Hell
The Residents		The Confused 		Gingerbread Man
Ensemble Rasa		Wedding Song 		Lativa: Music of
			(a capella)		Solar Rites
Play Along with Doom
The Residents		The Dying Oilman	Gingerbread Man
William Parker		It is For You (sunrise)	Flowers Grow in My Room
Vic Chesnutt 		Free of Hope		Is the Actor Happy?
The Residents		The Ascetic		Gingerbread Man
Ensemble Rasa		Working Song 		Lativa: Music of Solar
			(a capella)		Rites
Gravediggaz		Diary of a Madman	CD single
			(Album version)
The Residents		The Weaver		Gingerbread Man
Fairport Convention	She's Like the Swallow	Jewell in the Crown
Ani Difranco		Asking Too Much		Not a pretty girl
The Residents		The Old Woman		Gingerbread Man
Ensemble Rasa		Funeral Song 		Lativa: Music of Solar 
			(a capella)		Rites
45 Minute Set: A Collection of Heroes
Phil Ochs		Joe Hill		Tapes from California
Willie Alexander 	Kerouac			The Best of Bomp! v.1
   & the Boom Boom Band
Jonathan Richman	Vincent Van Goh		Rockin' & Romance
Replacements		Alex Chilton		Pleased to Meet Me
Beatnigs		Malcom X		C: Till the Bars Break
David Bowie		Song for Bob Dylan	Hunky Dory
Dreamland		Scarlett O'Hara		God's Fools
Koko Ateba		Nelson Mandella		C: African Typic
Reed/Cale		Work				Songs for Drella
{Philp Glass		Einstein on the Beach:	Highlights of 6 New 
			Spaceship		Recordings
Keith Leblanc		Einstein		C: Certain Damage Vol 15
Billy Bragg		I Dreamed I Saw Phil 	The Internationale
			Ochs Last Night
B: Elmer Benstein	the Plauges		Ten Commandments (Sound
Broun Fellinis		The Other		Aphrokubist