08/29/96 - The Voice of Doom invades Hammer, Anvil & Stirrup

Set the first

Goldberg/Schott/Dunn/Wollesen - hallucinations
Junk Genius
9 - 3:45
fast, and yet delicate.
Beth Custer - Train Song
the shirt I slept in
1 - 2:28
strange dragging winds and horns, over fast drumming
Graham Connah's Sour Note Six- Moo is a Plea for Mercy
my god has fleas
7 - 10:25
zany but subdued, slows to a stop.

Fun with Klee

Minafra, Pino - Fautozzi
Moore, Michael - Caroline
Tunes For Horn Guys
Guralnick, Tom - In The Out-Take
Broken Dances For Muted Pieces
What Next?
Arcado String Trio - Lanette
Live in Europe

slowing it down to doom speed

Elery Eskelin -
Jazz Trash
P Children - Slow Blue Bite
Documentation '87-'89
Gino Robair - Re: tuning A(n>
Other Destinations
1 - 6:19
Nice Forbidden Planet electronics, a bit more filled in than track 8.
Dog Faced Hermans - Blessed Are The Follies
Those Deep Buds
1 - 5:32
ominous, echo horn intro, hard angular horns, ends suddenly.

Music with Green Album Covers

Gerry Hemingway - Dance of the Sphygmoids
Acoustic Solo Works '83-'94
Microstoria - file care
Init Ding
Werner Ludi - Las Hadas

Soundbed for the Concert Calendar cart

John R. Pierce - Stochatta
Historical CD... Computer Music Currents 13
Max V. Mathews - Numerology & The Second Law
Historical CD... Computer Music Currents 13

Trying to Get From Here To There

Arcana - Tears of Astral Rain
The Last Wave
Soul Coughing - Lazy Bones
Irresistible Bliss
Eugene Chadbourne - Freebird
Chadbourne Baptist Church
Not tracked: 18:56 - 17:00 = 1:56
Graham Connah on keyboards?
Sun Ra - High ho! High ho!
Second Star To The Right: Salute to Walt Disney

Out into the World

Rabih Abu-Khalil - Georgina
Arabian Waltz
Love Spirals Downwards - Sidhe
Davka - The Dream of Rabbi Lavy
Lavy's Dream

Set the last

Kronos Quartet - Sing Sing: J. Edgar Hoover
Howl U.S.A.
temps perdu & anna homler - Sa'yo Ye Ah' Ye
coll:Twilight Earth 2
Ground Zero - Opening ~ Flying Across the J.P. Yon
Revolutionary Pekinese Opera

The closing track...

Anton Lavey - Satan Takes a Holiday (instrumental)
Satan Takes a Holiday
1 - 1:54

Saved for the future:

Gino Robair - Re: tuning P(c)(s)
Other Destinations
8 - 7:46
like Forbbiden Planet with wind chimes... great. Bit quiet in middle?
Trance Mission - monkfish
head light
1 - 5:05
fast percussion, clarinet highlights, distant flute
Elliot Sharp - Disco 3000
Coll: Wavelength Infinity
Wavelength Disk/13 - 4:50
fast guitar strangeness
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