The Voice of Doom

This is the playlist for a substitution pickup show broadcast on KZSU on August 31st, 2000 at 9pm


As I was getting started on this show, another old-time DJ started telling me how I should really be doing a regular show, since Gabe was really the last of the DJs-like-me (the Faustiana generation?) around: Eclectic in a "swirly" sort of way.

So let's swirl out, eh?

sound bed

As is my wont, lately I use the same music as background music throughout the show: a double LP by Zoviet France called Shouting at the Ground. So whenever there's something mixed in, if it seems like there's a little more droney ambience in the texture than there probably was in the original... you're probably hearing a little more of Zoviet France.

the playlist

set the first

Zoviet France -
Shouting at the Ground
Side 3
Mistress of Strands - "Carnival of Sighs/Strands End"
off of Mistress of Strands
tracks 6 & 7
slow, atmospheric, female vocal goth music
Steve von Till - "Stained Glass"
off of as the crow flys
Chopin - "Nocturn in E Minor, Op 72 No. 1"
peformed by Idil Biret
off of Nocturnes (complete) Vol 2

set the second

Tom Nunn - "Streaming"
off of Burning Palms
track 7
solo performance on Tom Nunn's custom built percussive instruments (electro-acoustic percussion boards).
Spirtpark - "3x3"
(Ron Thompson, Karen Stackpole, Larry Ochs)
off of Spiritpark Volume 3
track 3
Juliette Greco - "Deshabillez - Moi"
off of La Femme
a tune from "the thinking man's Bardot" that's been running through my head for months.

set the third

Diego Cortez - "Dead Sea"
(with Ryuichi Sakamoto)
off of Stuzzicadenti 1997-1999
A mix of the following:
Lustmord - "The Fourth & Final Key"
off of The Monstrous Soul
One of the old masters of the industrial ambient: this is a slowly evolving piece, the slow ringing of bells, ominous horrorshow tones, lovecraftian cults chanting, etc.
Ernesto Diaz-Infante - "3:11" & "2:55"
off of Solus
a release of short solo piano pieces: rapid, precise, complex.
Edward Murrow - "Winston Churchill"
off of Winston Churchill
unknown street performers - "totensong"
off of ho`! #1: roady music from Vietnam

set the fourth

Ordnance - "intravenous"
off of Buckshot
heavy industrial drone/dance with evil male vocals
Macha/Bedhead - "Only the bodies survive"
off of Macha Loved Bedhead
Collaborative work between Macha and Bedhead. This is like a slowish rock/pop song with lots of drone and touches of synth, and I'm told it's "a lot like Bedhead".
Axiom of Choice - "Calling"
(lyrics from Rumi's poem #383)
off of Niya Yesh
New stuff from this modern persian group (rooted in their own culture, but not afraid to experiment: I wish more "world" music was like this)
Artie Shaw - "Nightmare"
(performed by the Frankie Capp Percussion Group)
off of Percussion in a Tribute to the Big Band

set the fifth

Sabah Habay Mustapha & the Jugala All Stars - "seuri"
off of So La Li
Salteens - "Caught at the Cusp"
off of Short Term Memories
Juliette Greco - "Dans Ton Lit"
off of La Femme
Mary Jane Lammond - "Seinn O"
off of Suase!

set the sixth: Frozen Wastelands

Tom Nunn - "Streaming"
off of Burning Palms
Modest Mouse - "the Cold Part"
off of Moon & Antarctica
Tiara - "Snowmonsters"
off of Again Castin
Lycia - "Frozen"
off of Cold
Richard Davis - "coldest day"
off of Barbarians
Glossary - "frozen satisfaction"
off of this all we've learned about living
Leonard Cohen - "winter lady"
off of Songs of Leonard Cohen
(I had two copies of this running simultaneously, about half a line out of synch)
curve - "frozen"
off of Frozen
Pat Green - "When Winter Comes to Town"
off of Carry On
W.H. Stepp - "Napoleon's Retreat"
off of American Fiddle Tunes
a collection of american folk music (that's really folk music, no one knows who wrote it, as far as I know)
The No-no's - "adorable combustible"
off of Tinnitus
track 4
(played by mistake)
The No-no's - "wintertime"
off of Tinnitus
track 5
(more like it)
Coil - "Out in the Cold"
off of Snow
12" EP
John Cale - "Antarctica Starts Here"
off of Paris 1919


W.H. Stepp - "Napoleon's Retreat"
off of American Fiddle Tunes
a collection of american folk music



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