The Machine 8/31/95: Space - the Sins of Nasa

Playlist notation Background Music: Brian Eno "Ambient 4"

Artist			Cut			Album
Land			India			Land
William Parker &	Huey Goes to Coney	Flowers Grow in my Room
  the Little Huey	Island
  Creative Orchestra
Iannis Xenakis		Orient-Occident		Electro-Acoustic Works
Frank Genius		Never Going Home	Planet Genius
Shelley Hirsch		Outro			O LIttle Town of New York
Black 47		Rocking the Bronx	CD single
{Big City Orchestra				Saint Fear
Brian Eno					Ambient 4
Frank Sintra &		New York, New York	Duets
  Tony Bennet
Play Along With Doom
Taiko Island		track 1			Taiko Island
Arnold Dreyblat		Animal Magnetism	Animal Magnetism
Nightmare Lodge		Tenia			C: Body Frequencies
Brad Dutz		Orange Rolls		Krin
Rova			Grace			C: Transparent Messenger
Loi Interceps		Rose's Attack		C: Body Frequencies
Sleeping Dogs Wake	Flower in Hand		Therenody
Nik Turner		Master of the Universe	Space Ritual

45 Minute Set: Space - The Sins of NASA
James Horner		All Systems Go		Apollo 13 (sountrack)
Phil Ochs		Spaceman		The Broadside Tapes 1
{The Moody Blues	Out and In		To Our Children's Children
Dr. Fiorella Tirenzi	Cosmic Time		Music From the Galaxies
Tod Dockstander		Four Telemetry		Apocalypse
			Tapes - No. 1
Sisters of Mercy	Vision Thing		A Slight Case of Overbombing
{Doomvox		The Sins of Nasa
Hollywood Cinema	Destination Moon	Destination Moon (sountrack)
James Horner		Main Title		Apollo 13 (sountrack)
A True Adventure Space Shuttle Picture Disk
Tit Wrench		Need Another Seven	OK You Homos, Out of the Car
Apollo 13		Houston We've Got A	Apollo 13 (sountrack)
Jeffereson Starship	Have You Seen the	Flight Log
			Stars Tonight	
Sun Ra			Space Is the Place	Space is the Place
Stereolab		The Stars Our 
Exene Cervenka		Dream Bodies		Surface to Air