The Machine 9/7/95: Immortality

Playlist notation

Artist			Cut			Album
Stiffs Inc		Die Mother Die		Nix Nought Nothing
Antioch Arrow		Too Bad You're Gonna	Gems of Masochism
J.B. Lenoir		Born Dead		Vietnam Blues
The Picketts		Dying Ain't Much of a	The Wicked Pickett
Michael Nyman		Macarbe Piano		Cold Room
B: Scorn		Naked Sun		C: Ancient LIghts & The...
Sun Ra			I'll Never Be the Same	Mayan Temples
Merl Saunders &		Space			Live at Iceystone
   Jerry Garcia
Cyberaktif		Nothing Stays		Nothing Stays 
B: See Feel well	
T.A.G.C.		Ghost Cultures/		Digitaria
			Noosphere/Lux Nox
Masada			Tannaim			Gimel
Leonard Cohen		Dress Rehersal Rag	Songs of Love & Hate
B: (none)
Play Along With Doom
Sun City Girls		Burial in the Sky	Torch of the Mystics
Ensemble Rasa		Funeral Song		Latvia
Patti Smith		Elegy			Horses
B: Morton Feldman
Terminal Sect		Prayer			the humans conditioned
Apparatus		Slave or Prayer		Apparatus
Terminal Sect		Hanging Tree		the humans conditioned
Phil Ochs		The Crucifixtion	Pleasures of the Harbor
B: Morton Feldman

45 Minute Set on the theme of Immortality:
Forrest Fang		The 8 Immortals		Folklore
Scorn			Endless			Colussus
Clock DVA		Eternity		Sign
Gamelan Pacifica	Peaches of Immortality	Trance Gong
Coil			track 8 - "Not 		The Angelic Conversation
Shawn McGowan		Snake with Eyes of	Snake
Moody Blues		I Never Thought I'd	To Our Children's Children
			Live to Be 100
Jeff Buckley		Eternal LIfe		Live at Sin-E
Buick			Immortality		Sweatertongues
Curve			Frozen			Frozen
{Current 93		Forever Changing	Christ & the Pale Queens
						Mighty in Sorrow
Crawling With Tarts	track 1			Sarajevo Center
Keiji Haino		track 4			Tenshi no Gij
Dick Contino					An Accordion in Paris