Playlist for 9/11/97, subbing for Joe Radio (who has been subbing for Grimace & Grisby)

So this was supposed to be a straight gothic-industrial show tonight, two hours sandwiched between hip-hop and heavy metal. This is what came out:

The beginning

pop will eat itself
X Y & Zee (Intergalactic Mix)
X Y & Zee (12" single)
Test Department
More of Everything
Materia Prima
Psychic TV
Singles pt 1

Mix the first: voices plus

Bill Laswell (w/ Lori Carlson, reading Hakim Bey)
City of Light
Noam Chomsky
The Masschussets Example
Free Market Fantasies
Gino Robair
Gnat Opener
Singular Pleasures
Collection: RRR-100 (7")
Zoviet France
Side two
A Flock of Rotations (12")
Gino Robair
A Fascinating Instability
Singular Pleasures
Total War
Collection: Sacred War
Noam Chomsky
(pieces of all tracks)
Free Market Fantasies
Gun & Doll Show
Collection: Unscrubbed - Live at the Brainwash

Mix the second: Playing with Emma

Zoviet France
Side One
Shouting at the Ground (12")
Collection: RRR-100 (7")
Scott Jenerik
track 23 on repeat
3000 Words
Sweet Emma & her Preservation Hall Jazz Band
side one (various speeds, none right) leading to "Just a Closer Walk WIth Thee"
Scott Jenerik
track 21, then 9 on repeat
3000 WOrds

Mix the third: Circles

Circular Firing Squad
track 3
Mary Lou Williams
Zoning Fungus II
Master/Slave Relationship
A new explanation for Decadence
Mary Lou Williams
Holy Ghost
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
3 Dreams
Collection: Computer Music from CCRMA
Sheila Chandra
Speaking in Tounges I
Weaving My Ancestors Voices
Annea Lockwood
track 3
Glass World
Shiela Chandra
Question the Answer
Nada Brahma

closing tracks

Rabid Ear Test
Collection: Theme: Desire
Oneiroid Psychosis
Anal Kitties
Chemistry Set
Ghost 45/In the Fog


This was a funny show for me... very active and very lazy at the same time. I took this one with the lights low and my hair down, played it by ear and I wound up doing long continuous mixes with few mic breaks. Played a lot of multiple tracks off the same CDs, and I didn't really play a huge amount of stuff out of KZSUs current file (which isn't to say I was playing all old stuff... some of it was new stuff that KZSU doesn't have yet). Near the beginning I conceived the idea of relying a lot on spoken word, either in the form of CDs with samples of lectures, or by mixing lectures in with other things... The Noam Chomsky CD that none of our CD players can play properly went perfectly...

I also used the obvious, dead easy effect (that for some reason I rarely hear other DJs use) of playing with the buttons on the front of the CD player while it was playing. I also resorted to my old trick of playing short little tracks on repeat, and I ressurected the excellent 7" collection of 100 locked grooves "RRR-100", which I'm sure drove many people in the audience crazy (20 minutes of the same loop in some places). And speaking of old tricks, I never seem to tire of playing that old Zoviet France vinyl in the background...

There were many random elements to this show. At one point I decided I needed to add something else, preferably on vinyl, and I did a blind draw out of the "12 inch reanimation" section, coming up with the "Sweet Emma" album which I proceeded to at many speeds but the correct one. (I wonder what it's supposed to sound like.)

And that Mary Lou Williams jazz CD turned out to be very nice. I'd never heard it before, it just came up when I did a keyword search for "Fungus" (only eleven of the CDs in KZSUs collection have tracks with the word "Fungus" in the title... can you believe it?). Fungus has been on my mind lately (not to mention my feet), and just this morning, the dangerbaby flashed a Zippy the Pinhead about fungus, and right after that I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about fungus, and it just seemed like the natural thing to let it grow.

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