The Machine 9/14/95: Carrying the Torch

Playlist notation

Artist			Cut			Album
B: Tchaikovsky		Anante Cantabile from	Rococo Variations (London
			Quartet No. 1, Op. 11	Philharmonic - Mackeras)
Casey Scott		Mars			Creep City
Dreamland		Everything in the 	God's Fools
Word Sound		Pablo's Theme		Red Shift
B: {Tchaikovsky
Rotodoti		Bambi's Dilemma		Tarzan Speaks}
We of Sound Mind	Man Mind Machine	C: Cyberflesh Conspiracy
Skinny Puppy		Rivers			Rabies
Plastic Noise		Memory Flow		Neural Transmission
Club Foot Orchestra	industry, theme of the	Metropolis
			ancient slaves, the 
B: Rotodoti					Tarzan Speaks
Pram			Sea Swells & Distant	Sargasso Sea
Imprerial Household	Ise-no-umi		C: Secret Museum of Mankind
{Dan Plonsey, John	interlude		Another Curiosity Piece
   Hinds & Peter Hinds
Kazutoki Umezu					'94 Live
Tony Conrad		track 2			Slapping Pythagoras	
Play Along with Doom	
Just West Coast	(Harry	2 studies on ancient	Just West Coast
   Partch)		greek scales
Crawl Unit		Precedence		Aftermusic
Cyber Hum		Glimpse			Elevated
Anna Homler, Geert	Ele Lu Ku		
  Waegerman, Pavel 
William Parker & The	Huey Goes to Coney	Glowers Grow in My Room
  Little Huey Creative	Island
  Music Orchestra
Sven Vath		track 3			the harlequin, the robot and
						the ballet dancer
45 minute (Ha!) set: Carrying the Torch

Sarah Vaugn		I Remember You		Live in Japan
Billie Holiday		All of Me		Coll: 1940s - The Singers
Marlene Dietrich	Lili Marlene		
Abbie LIncoln		For All We Know		Drugstore Cowboy (soundtrack)
Jarboe			spiral staircase	Sacrificial Cake
Sow			Je'Maime		Je'Maime
Connie Champagne	All Dressed Up		La Strada
Tori Amos		Leather			Little Earthquakes
Gitane Demone		Cool Domina		With Love & Dementia
Diamanda Galas		Baby's Insane		
   /John Paul Jones