Playlist for 9/19/97

The show without a name. Or a plan.

First set

Sun Ra
Everything is Space
Somewhere Else
Greg Osby
Black Book
Black Book
Wanda Coleman
Paen to Dark Bars
Myra Melford Trio
Breaking Light
Alice in the HOuse of Saints

Second Set

Introductary Soundbed: Gabrielle Rothe & the Mirrors
Patti Smith
Gone Again
Dant de tipurit (~)
Collection: Edge of the Forest - Music of Transylvania
Yoko Ono with the Plastic Ono Band
Mind Holes
fly yoko ono
Charming Hostess
Laws of Physics
TAPE: Charming Hostess

Third Set

Introductary Soundbed: Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors
soft city
soft city
Noise Box
The biginning
Club Foot Orchestra
Notturno O Mattutino
The Club Foot Orchestra plays Nino Rota
The muscians of Kunduz and Faizabad
Falak (Horse Driver's Song)
Collection: Afghanistan: On Marco Polo's Road

Fourth Set

Graham haynes
Nameless River
Tones for the 21st Century
Lava bird
Tarzan Speaks
Yehuda Yannay
Nine Branches of the Olive Tree (1st track)
Music Now and From Almost Yesterday
An. Pierle
Are "Freinds" Electric>
File Under Gary Numan

Fifth Set

Cosmic Invention
Cosmic Green
help Your Satori Mind (The Now Sound)
Trance to the Sun
eonite trip
Ghost Forest
Pint Sized Spartacus
Disapearing in a Sea of Unbridled Personification

Sixth Set

Mandible Chatter
Delphinium Blue
Collection: Theme Desire
General Weirdness, Doctor Doom
A piece for waist rattle, toy frogs, marimba and slide whistles
Splatter Trio
Recombinance (Live)

Seventh Set

Teiji Ito
Axis Mundi
Meshes, music for films and theater

Shows Over

Andy Haas (and guests: Ikue Mori, Cyro Baptista, Kaji haino...)
Arnhem Land

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