The Machine 9/21/95: Loose ends, farewells...

Playlist notation Background Music: Nada - "Nada"

Artist			Cut			Album
Fushitsusha		track 9			Caution Appears
Ground Zero		International 1		Null & Void
ChemLab			Filament		Magnetic Field Remixes & 
						10 Ton Pressure
Sun Ra			The Shadow World	A Night in East Berlin
Judy Radul		Baby you've caught the	C:Word Up
			culture, now you need
			to chop off the head 
			and bury it
Nancy Sinatra &		Some Velvet Morning	Nancy & Lee
  Lee Hazleton
Fred Frith		Le Cirque - Oh!/Ghost	Middle of the Moment
			Dance/Portrait II
Pive De L'Istrie	Furlana			C: Zampogne En Italie
John Cage		Four			The Number Pieces
Play Along With Doom
John Cage		Four			The Number Pieces
Nji Iti Narem		Soekasari		C: Secret Museum of Mankind 2
   (from West Java)
Liz Phair		Soap Star Joe		Exile in Guyville
Mile Wide Gray		Marginal Zero		What's True is Changing
Jeffrey Gaines		Hero in Me		Jeffrey Gaines
Betty Elders		War Between the Fears	Crayons
The 45 minute Set: Loose Ends, Farewells... 
Barbara Manning		Sympathy Wreath		C: Hit Me With A Flower
Vic Chesnutt		Strange Language	Is the Actor Happy?
Verve			A New Decade		A Northern Soul
Ani Difranco		Shy			Not a Pretty Girl
Rich Lerner		Strength of Will	Darkness and Light
Aid Convention		Your Life		CyberRelations
S.L.A.			M.E. 262		Screed
Hollywood Cinema	Forbidden Planet	Destination Moond & Other
   Orchestra					Themes
Family Cat		Springing the Atom	Magic Happens
Lungfish		Creation Story		Rainbows from Atoms
Sheila Chandra		Question the Answer	Nada Brahma
Tindersticks		El diablo en el ojo	Tindersticks