The Machine 10/21/94: Procrastination

I use a "B:" to indicate a I used a piece as background music to talk over. And "Coll:" indicates an album is a "Collection" by multiple artists.

Artist			Cut			Album

B: jorge reyes		espejo numente		Coll: Twilight Earth
The Nields		Ash Wednesday		Bob on the Ceiling
Black47			Rockin'the Bronx	Black47
Pogues			Smell of Petroleum	Waiting for Herb
Blue Aeroplanes		Smart Drug		Life Model
B: tuu			1000 years		Coll: Twilight Earth
Earth to Infinity	End of the World	Earth to Infinity
Deanta			Ready for the Storm	Ready for the Storm
Orange			Against Nature		Orange
Pram			Life in the Clouds	Meshes
B: (none)
Miranda Sex Garden	Heaven			
Monks of the					Gregorian Chants
   Benedictine Abbey
Play Along With Doom
Zusaankali Fasteau	Inner Ear		Prophesy 
Diamanda Galas		Skotoseme		The Sporting Life
  w/ John Paul Jones
B: Monks of the					Gregorian Chants
   Benedictine Abbey
Tetsuo Furudate		Scene 1 III		Macbeth
Tetsuo Furudate		Scene 1 IV		Macbeth
John Spencer Blues	Dang			Orange
Sun Ra			Images			A Quiet Place in the Universe
B: Temps Perdu?		rano raraka		C: Twilight Earth
Tape Beatles		America is Confident	Grand Delusion
Single Gun Theory	decimated		Flow River of My Soul
Soviet Army Chorus	Tipperary		Soviet Army Chorus & Band
  & Band (conducted
  by Colonel Boris 
Miranda Sex Garden	Fear			Iris

45 Minute Set on the theme of Procrastination

Cat Mother & the	Probably Won't		Cat Mother & the All Night 
   All Night Newsboys				Newsboys
Cop Shoot Cop		All Day Now		Release
Slickaphonics		Procrastination		Wow Bag
Bongwater		Over the Credit Line	The Big Sell-Out
Playground		Slide			Slide
Beck			Loser			Mellow Gold
Algebra Suicide		Lazy Sweat		Swoon
Duke Ellington		Lazy Rhapsody		Columbia Jazz Masters Vol. 1
Mens Recovery Project	Signal Processor	7": Make a Baby
			Failure/This is Why We
			Are Lazy
James Lehman		Procrastination		11:16:64
Can			Future Days		Future Days

Final Set: 
Bad Religion		Marked			Stranger than Fiction
Battery			Digital Angel 2		Lilith 32
Moe Tucker		I've seen into Your	Stress