The Machine 10/28/94: Spiders

Playlist notation

Background music: Keith Jarret's "Spheres" off of "Hymns/Spheres"

Hakim Bey               Poetic Terrorisim       T.A.Z. 
Billy Bragg             Blake's Jerusalem       The Internationale
Guided By Voices        I Am A Scientist
Orbital                 Philosophy By the       Snivilization
Martin Carthy &         Perfumes of Arabia      Skin & Bones
   Dave Swarg
X-tal                   Smells like Smoke       Good Luck
{Judith Kate Friedman    Tribes                  Count Me In
Randy Grief                                     Coll: Arythmia Vol 1
Illusion of Safety                              Coll: Arythmia Vol 1
{Thinking Fellers        Nobel Experiment        
   Union Local 282
O Yuki Conjugate        Insect Talk             Coll: Twilight Earth
Iannis Xenakis                                  Asko Ensemble Live 1
Paul Schutze            All That Was Solid      Coll: Twilight Earth
Play Along With Doom
Oakland Elementary      Big Music Little        Help, I'm Drowning in a Sea
   School Children      Muscicians              of Harmony
Wise Young Truck        Weightless              7"
This Ascension          Sandman                 Walk Softly, A Dream Lies Here
Plastic Noise           Dream Destructor        - 196 C
Violent Femmes          Machine                 New Times
Infidius                A Mental Atmosphere     Coll: Dance Opera 2
Adult Fantasies         The Sandman             Coll: Fire & Grace
David Bowie             We Are the Dead         
Cop Shoot Cop           Everybody Loves You     Ask Questions Later
Sun City Girls          Burial in the Sky       Torch of the Mystics
B: Vidna Obmana         The embrace in motion   Coll: Twilight Earth

45 Minute set on the theme of Spiders:

Tear Garden             Sybil the Spider        Sheila Liked the Rodeo
                        Consumes Himself
The Who                 Boris the Spider        Happy Jack (A Quick One)
Human Torches           Spiderman               7"
They Might Be Giants    Spider                  Apollo 18
Brian Eno               Spider & I              Before & After Science
Vapors                  Spiders                 Magnets
Kander & Ebb            Kiss of the Spider      And the Wolrd Goes 'Round
{Kiva                   Grandmother Spider      Alchemy
Folk Implosion          Spider-Webb/Butterfly   Take a Look Inside...
Dead Can Dance          The Spider's Strategem  Into the Labyrinth
Sheila Chandra          Waiting                 The Zen Kiss
Diane Taraz             Spider                  Shoes that Fit Like Sand
Turtle Island Dream     Spider Dreams           Spider Dreams