The Machine 11/04/94: Xenophobia

Playlist notation

Background music: "Voice of America part 2" off of the Voice of America CD

Artist			Cut			Album
Allen Ginsberg		Howl			Holy Soul Jelly Roll V.1
{Marilyn Crispell	Repercussions of Light	Santuerio
Voice of America	Voice of America pt 2	Voice of America
{Rowe, Siwula, Miano	20:05			Rowe, Siwula, Miano
Voice of America	Voice of America pt 2	Voice of America
Connie Dover		Ubi Caritas		Wishing Well
Single Gun Theory	phenomenha		Flow River of My Soul
Faith & the Muse	All Lovers Lost		Elyria
Slut			Evocation of Venus	Slut
A.D.			World on Fire		A.D.
Glass and Ginsberg	Howl Pt2		Hydrogen Jukebox
Hakim Bey		Chaos			T.A.Z.

The 11 PM, 45 Minute Set on the theme of Xenophobia:
Aztlan Nation		wetbacks		Beaner Go Home
Arpeggiators		Xenophobe		Coll: Harthouse: Point of No
Dog Faced Hermans	Hear the Dogs		Hum of Life
Clash			Charlie Don't Surf	Sandinista
John Cale		Fear is a Man's Best	
Stiff Little Fingers	Wasted Life		Best of Stiff Little Fingers
Youssou N'Dour		Immigres		Immigres
Stiff Little Fingers    Alternative Ulster      Best of Stiff Little Fingers 
Les Thugs		immigres, clandestins	As Happy as Possible
David Fulton		Border Patrol		Coll: Islands of Sanity
Spies Who Surf		Xenophobia		Calling all martians
Nields			Just Like		Bob on the Ceiling
Aztlan Nation		Beaner Go Home		Beaner Go Home
Sky Cries Mary		The Ocean Which		A return to the inner 
			Humanity Is		experience

The final set:
B: Earth to Infinity	The Gate		Earth to Infinity
Jack Kerouac		The Beat Generation	Readings by Jack Kerouac
						on the Beat Generation
Adult Fantasies		Meat Me			Coll: Fire & Grace
The Fugs		I Saw the Best Minds	Virgin Fugs
			of My Generation Rot