The Machine 11/11/94: Dark Symphony

Playlist notation

Background music: Rotten Piece 7" and Gravitar 7"

Artist			Cut			Album
Zusaan Kali Fasteau	Encoding Delight	Prophecy
Spacetime Continuum	Flotilla		Sea Biscuit
Mahori Ensemble		Heart of the Sea	Coll: Court Music of Thailand 
Sun Ra			Images			A Quiet Place in the Universe
B: Rotten Piece
Loreena McKennit	The Two Trees		The Mask & the Mirror
Miranda Sex Garden	Cover My Face		Fairy Tales of Slavery
The Bleeding Stone	Smiles From the Asylum	Coll: The Disease of Lady 
Minoru Miki		Flower of Wind		Selected Works V. 1
B: Gravitar
Aphex Twin		Aphex Airlines		Coll: Isolationism
Null/Plotkin		Lost (held under)	Coll: Isolationism
Play Along With Doom
AMM			Vandoevre		Coll: Isolationism
Keith Jarret		Spirts 11		Spirits
B: Rotten Piece	
Allen Ginsberg		The Sunflower Sutra	Holy Soul Jelly Roll Disk 1
Allen Ginsberg		The Sick Rose		Holy Soul Jelly Roll Disk 3
Plastic Noise		The Storm		- 196 C
Camille Paglia		Vamps and Tramps	
Kulintang Arts		Magulong Bagai		Cycles: Timeless Rituals
						to Ancient Icons
Gyoto Monks		#2 for Gaia		Freedom Chants from Around
						the World
Diamanda Galas		Do You Take This Man?	The Sporting Life
 w/ John Paul Jones
B: Gravitar
Golden Palominos	No Skin			Pure
Bad Religion		Incomplete		Stranger than Fiction
The Golden Palominos	Little Suicides		Pure

The 45 Minute uninterrupted set of Dark Symphonic music:
Trance			Symphony No. 1 1st	Audiography
Iannis Xenakis		Waarg 1988		Aski Ensemble Live 1
Autopsia		Infortunium		Kristallmacht
In the Nursery		Duality			A Valediction
Human Flesh		Paysage Marin Avec	C: Twilight Earth
Soul Whirling		one of these days some  Eating the Sea
   Somewhere		eyes will be opened
Dead Can Dance		Ascension		Spleen & Ideal
In Slaughter Natives	Sacred Worms		Enter Now the World
B: Twice a Man		Marinelli's Plot	Coll: Arcana Coelestia