The Machine 11/18/94: Machine Music

Playlist notation

Background music: C.C.C.C on "Live in Pittsburgh" 
  and/or William Hooker's "Red" off of "Radiation"

Artist			Cut			Album
Stone Fox		Want in One Hand	Burnt
Beatnik Filmstars	You Can't Fake 		Laid Back & English
			Sadness Like This
{Heavenly		Me & My Madness		Decline & Fall of Heavenly
William Hooker		Red			Radiation
Front Line Assembly	This Faith		Millenium
Battery 		Pax Neurotica 1		Lithium 32
Insekt			Games			Dreamscape
Plastic Noise 		String of Ice		-196 C
Switchblade 		Chain			Coll: Disease of Lady 
   Symphony 					Madeline
Faith & the Muse	The Unquiet Grave	Elyria
This Ascension		Placid			Walk Softly, A Dream Lies Here
Billie Holiday		Gloomy Sunday		God Bless the Child
Play Along With Doom
Illusion of Safety	cut 2			Distraction
Zoviet France		Daisy Gun		Coll: Isolationism
Idiot Flesh		Not My Song		the Nothing Show
Cop Shoot Cop		Ambulence Song		Release
Diamanda Galas		Do You Take This Man	Sporting Life
  & John Paul Jones
Wanda Coleman		Death
B: Louis Armstrong	Gut Bucket Blues	The Hot Fives
Allen Ginsberg		America			Holy Soul Jelly Roll #1:
Hakim Bey		Poetic Terrorism	T.A.Z.
NAS			One Love		One Love
B: Lights in a 		Taksu			Sound Column
   Fat City

45 Minute Set of Machine Music:

Kraftwerk		Megaherz		Kraftwerk
Rhythm Pigs		Machines Are In		Choke on This
Conservatives		Century of Machines	Bos D Plaen
Jesus Jones		Machie Drug		Volume 7
{Lou Reed 		excerpt from Metal 	Coll: CAGED/UNCAGED
			Machine Music
Ultravox		I Want to Be a Machine	Ultravox 
We of Sound Mind	Man Mind Machine	Coll: Cyberflesh Conspiracy
{Mona Lisa Overdrive	God Man Machine		Mona Lisa Overdrive
Perry Botkin		22 Machines		5 Electronic Essays
Thrill Kill Kult	After the Flesh		Crow (soundtrack)
Clock DVA		Man-Amplifiers		Man-Amplified
B: {Chu Ishikawa	Megatron		Tetsuo (soundtrack)
Perry Botkin		22 Machines		5 Electronic Essays