The Machine 11/25/94: A Tribute to Surface Noise

Playlist notation

Background Music: Tibetan Sacred Temple Music "Invoking the
Spirit of Kindness through Sound" and "Purifying the

Artist:			Track:			Album:
Pale Saints		Under Your Nose		Slow Buildings
Mile Wide Grey		drift drift drift	What's True is Changing
Golden Palominos	Little Suicides		Pure
Sheila Chandra		Woman & Child		Zen Kiss
Orange			Swim			Orange
Deanta			The Lakes of 		Ready for the Storm
Cop Shoot Cop		Swimming in Circles	Release
Habreia Hativit		Like a Stream's 	Black Beats
Eleventh Dream Day	The Blindside		Ursa Major
My Life With the 	The Velvet Edge		Thirteen Above the Night
   Thrill Kill Kult
Virus - 23		Blind			Virus - 23
Aurora			The Marriage of 	The Dimension Gate
			Heaven & Earth
Tinfed			Interjectory		Synaptic Hardware
Slave Unit		Submit			Coll: Scavengers in Their
Anal Kitties		Chain Mail		Ghost 45/Into the Fog
Axiom of Choice		Panj			Beyond Denial
Ice			The Dredger		Coll: Isolationism I
Iannis Xenakis		Diamorphoses II		Electro-Acoustic Music
Play Along With Doom
Trance Mission		Every Stone's Dream	Meanwhile
Tahitian Choir		Te Ture A Te Ariki	Rapa Iti #2
Henry Kaiser & 		Goat Call		Sweet Sunny North
   David Lindley	
?			Kecak			Coll: Music of the Gods
Zap Mama 		Mr. Brown		Sabsylma
The Hub			Hub Renga		Wreckin' Ball
Mile Wide		Culture Spots		Millions in Transports 7"

45 Minute long set: A Tribute to Surface Noise
Cassandra Complex	Report from the Back	Grenade
Kraftwerk		Von Himmel Hock		Kraftwerk
Jeru The Damaja		Statick			The Sun Rises in the East
{Zoviet France		Side 3			Shouting at the Ground
Crawling With Tarts 	Grand Surface Noise	Operas
			Opera No. 1
Gerogerigegege		Stairway to Promotion	Singles
Shostakovitch/Bernstein				Symphony No. 5
Harry Breuer		Minute Merengue		Coll: Incredibly Strange Music
Carlos Santana		Oneness			Oneness
Mili Vernon 		Moon Ray		Coll: The Women in Jazz
Tom Waits		Innocent When You 	Frank's Wild Years