The Machine 12/2/94: The Sounds of Stanford

Playlist notation

Background Music: Zoviet France - A Flock of Rotations

Artist:			Track:			Album:
Illusion of Safety	Historical part 1	Historical
Rova			Floater			From the Bureau of Both
Urszula Dudziak		Mosquito Dream		Urszula
This Ascension		Light & Shade		Walk Softly, a Dream Lies Here
Ken Thorne		A Day in the Life	The Magic Christian 
Ten Bright Spikes	V			Blueland
Suicide			Rocket U.S.A.		Coll: Max's Kansas City
Play Along With Doom
Boom			Blue Body of Water	Squint
Enheit/Brotzman		Kowa Axis		Merry Christmas
Allen Ginsberg		First Party at Ken  	Holy Soul Jelly Roll
			Kesey's with Hell's     Disk 3: Ah!
Candy Kane		Seven Men a Week	Home Cookin'
Penelope Houston	Every Little Dream	Ride, Everybody's Little Dream
Kicking Giant		Dreamland Burns		Alien I.D.
Tit Wrench		I wish I Were An Oscar  OK You Homos, Out of the Car
			Meyer Weiner
Faith & the Muse	Caesurea		Elyria
Trance Mission		Sunrise			Meanwhile
Front Line Assembly	Vigilante		Millennium

45 Minute Set: The Sounds of Stanford
Havering		Today's Pig		So This is Life?
Cone of Silence		Subway Culture		Cone of Silence
Turgid Miasma of 	See Me Laughing		This! (tape)
   Existence (early
Whipping Boy		Rain Dance		The Third Secret at Fatima
Mindslam		Knock			null (tape)
Amygdala		Strap on Coleslaw	7"
Bump			Bump			Entrails (tape)
Oxbow			The Valley		Fuck Fest
Merv Spiegel & the 	Goobers & Raisinettes	
{Robert Rich					Coll: Promise of Silence
Leland Stanford Junior  White Punks on Dope
   Marching Band