The Machine 12/9/94: Everyone's Favorite Perversion

Playlist notation

Background Music: Environments 8 - "Wood Masted Sailboat"

Artist:			Track:			Album:
SPK			Machine Age Voodoo	12"
John Cale		Days of Steam		Seducing Down the Door
{Simon Fischer Turner	Drowned by Time ...	The Garden (soundtrack)
John Kennedy					Memorial album
Environments 8		Wood Masted Sailboat	
Laurie Lee & 					Coll: Contempporary English 
  Christopher Logue				Literature
Kahil El 'Zabar/Ritual  Renaissance of the 	Renaissance of the 
   Trio			Resistance		Resistance
Mathew Shipp & William	Summertime		20
Ten Bright Spikes	Pavian			
Organum			cut 2			Submission
Play Along With Doom
Organum			cut 1 			Submission
Trance Mission		Chasing the Moon	Meanwhile
Mynox Layh					Respectus
{Dead Can Dance		Tristan			Toward the Within
Dead Can Dance		Sanvean			Toward the Within
Tibetan Sacred 		Dance of the Skeleton	Eight Lamas from Drepung
   Temple Music		Lords
{Top Choice Clique	I Think to Myself	12" (instrumental)
Top Choice Clique	I Think to Myself	12" (instrumental)
Top Choice Clique	I Think to Myself	12" (instrumental)
Sun Ra 			Space is the Place	A Quiet Place in the Universe
Techno-Animal					Coll: Isolationism

45 Minute Set: Everyone's Favorite Perversion
Coil			Anal Staircase		12"
Master Slave 		My State of Evil Dreams	My State of Evil Dreams	
Master Slave 		The Love of a Saint	My State of Evil Dreams	
{Diamanda Galas		Give Me Sodomy or 	Plauge Mass
			Give Me Death
Gerogerigegege		Tokyo Anal Dynamite	Tokyo Anal Dynamite
Master Slave 		Wet			being led around by the 
  Relationship					tongue
Allen Ginsberg		C'mon Jack		The Lion for Real
Ultravox		Wide Boys		Ultravox
{Karen Finley		The Yam Jam		The Truth is Hard to Swallow
Masonna			Anal ala Mode		Coll: Dry lungs
2 Live Crew		Up a Girl's Ass		Sports Weekend
Prince 			Rasberry Beret		Paisley Park
Transmisia		In-Joy My Ass		Mincing Machine
Derita Sisters & Jr.	Do the Reach Around	Rocketships & Bullets