KZSU is the Stanford radio station, heard in the Bay Area on 90.1 FM (if you're lucky), and over the internet at (if you're really lucky).

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KZSU's A-file

What's the A-file? It's a pile of recently released music that we've decided is good stuff that deserves a push. DJ's are technically required to play something like ten tracks per show out of the A-file, though most play more than that. How does something get into the A-file? Well, hopeful labels & bands send us stuff, DJs volunteer to review it and paste short write-ups on the front, then it gets passed to the music directors, who look at the reviews, maybe give it another listen or two, and decide if it's "A-file" worthy (or if it merely gets sent to our main library... unlike some college radio stations, KZSU tries not to throw stuff away). There's a few other checks and balances in the system, but that's about it.

If you'd like to see what's currently in the a-file, you can view it on line: The Current A-File . If you're curious about something in the A-file, you can always try phoning in a request at (415) 723-9010. If it's half-ways appropriate for the current show, maybe they'll get it on the air (particularly if you can give them the A-file number with your request).

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