Ideas for future shows, if any....

This was originally just some outtakes from a show for 1/2/96, but it just might become a database of tracks that I'm interested in. It's going to need some better syntax, though... Ideas for better ways of presenting ideas

Another file with some more recent ideas in it, from my compatriot (colleague? cohort?) Mr. Inbetween. Maybe we should pool all our data one of these days...

Mr. Misc

  • Sun Ra - October on The Singles, Disk 1, track 21 4:40 Dark & saxy

    Luminous Music

    A little "light" music, leading up to, of course, some Sun Ra.

    beyond good and bad

    A collection of, shall we say, questionable music.

    the universal language

    A collection of different kinds of "scat" singing.


    the fugs "there are no coincidences/only sometimes the patterns are more obvious" (or is that Bonzo Dog Band?). Skip the Police. Check things like current 93, psychic tv, circus maximus.


    Do a keyword search on "vein". See what comes up.

    odd parallels (separated at birth?)

    Go from middle eastern music to Dick Dale's surf music.

    Go from Dead Can Dance to Frank Sinatra.

    Dreaming Again

    Well, it's likely I'll come back to this one again someday, sin't it...

    Dog Faced Hermans - Calley
    those deep buds
    begins "In my dream, I went through Columbus,Columbus, GA, through the rain ..."
    Dog Faced Hermans - Dream Forever
    those deep buds

    Dark Circus

    David Shea special

    Where did he come from, anyway?

    long ambient tracks, suitable for a late-late night show:

    Web		Web (1-16:00)			Web
    Oh man, I really don't need another neat sounding 15 minute plus ambient track, and I was really ready to hate yet another soulless Bill Laswell product, but this is actually pretty good. Rumble. Rattle. Whoose. Slow classicalesque tones that could work as a lead in to the Iso Ambient Orchestra piece on the Swarm of Drones comp...

    Terminal Sect	Metal Idol Born (4-19:39)	The Gun Worship EP
    Nice, all over the place mix that ain't tedious, and ain't metal, but probably ain't useful for me either, at least not tonight. 20 minutes?

    Aloof Proof    The Ghost Ship          Swarm of Drones (coll.)
       (590)       (I10-9:10?) (excerpt)
    Sense of release, dark but relaxed, harpsichord like? Could follow murky accordion music?

    Some stuff I couldn't play before 9 PM:

    Terminal Sect	Gun Worship (5-4:45)		The Gun Worship EP
      (591) 	suprisingly festive mix
    Traditional industrial dance with Lost in Space "Danger,Danger" sample... oops, note prominent "shit" in the middle. Got to watch that before 9PM, unfortunately. God bless America.

    Rebar		Das Math Girl   	Cognitive Mapping 2
       (669)	(9-3:03)        	(collection)
    Slow, stark, but mostly silly "off kilter" lyrics, and prominent "shit" and "pissing", oh well.

    Other possibilities for dark jazz:

    Charles Mingus	Weird Nightmare			?
    Ellery Eskelin
    Brad Dutz
    Anna Hommler

    Trio De		Domaines (3-7:01)	Trio de Clainettes-Live 
    Delicate, but dark, very abrupt bursts of "new music".

    Yoko Ono/IMA	Warzone (1-1:55)		Rising
    Fast, kind of industrial rage. Pair with Terminal Sect?

    My Pretty 	The Sad Arrogance	Cognitive Mapping 2
       Finger   	of Spacemen (24-2:42)	(collection)
    Okay, slow grunge-folk. Can't quite hear the lyrics, though it seems like you ought to be able to.... the sad tone gets through.

    Scott Jenerik  (3-3:45)			3000 Words
    Local SF guy, sounds like crash worship with ominous echoy noise effects. This is a midtempo, a bit less noisy track.

    Magic Pacer	Queen of Flames	(6-  )  White Room
    Poppy fast rocking track with old border cheese electronics swooping up and down. A little on the light side? Might go with classical/perhaps Glass?

    Greg Osby	Pillars (1-4:41)	Black Book
    Jazz, hiphop beat, woman recites over it leading up to a sarcastic remark about the pillars of her community.

    Greg Osby	Rockin Chair (3-4:52)		Black Book
    Jazz, hiphop beat, woman raps fast and cold. Really nice hiphop the hip hop boys will never find...

    Greg Osby	Fade to Black Medley	Black Book
      (659)		part a: Brother And a 
    		Token    (10-4:48)
    Jazz, hiphop beat, poetry about fear of black guys on the subway.

    An okay set, (~14 mins???). Lead with pop, goes to rock, finishes with early DVA weirdness... The "don't start to think" could follow the political babble well.

    Ann Magnuson	This Nothing Life (2-5:00)	The Luv Show
    strummy guitar groove, in two halves "don't start to think" (ironic), then "this nothing life". Cool. Must use...

    Pale Face       Monotony (10-   )	Raw
    Rocking "antifolk": "everyone here doesn't have to be the same"? "monotony, it'll happen to you", "I'm not paranoid"... got a "fucking" in it that's maybe a little obvious. Maybe I'll just play instrumental music the whole show.

    Clock DVA	Contradict (7-   )		White Souls in Black Suits
    Chaotic jazz-like honking fades in, and then switches to guitar (somewhere between Myles Boisen and Talking Heads) jamming with Adi Newton's voice, sounding like Genesis P. Orridge. "show me a contrast that will..."

    Switchblade	Dissolve (2-  )			Serpentine Glitter
    "Can you see me going down/I am screaming out loud/and the fear of god is in me now/dissolve/in the moonshine/I leave no trace/my visions have gone/far away from this place/ they've dissolved" slower. (Another goth track might be better in this set, really...)

    Iso Ambient	Melisma (16-1:57)       Swarm of Drones (coll.)
    Very cool, dark synth-classical, fairly fast but not frantic, a year in the life, one hopes. NOTE: set CD player for CONTINUE. fade out high, rapid tinkerbell music at start of next track. Mix with?

    Set Stucture: industrial/goth/mingus? Well, maybe RA/goth/Mingus?

    Sun Ra		Frisco Fog (3-3:19)		Salute to Walt Disney
    Leads with applause, FADE IN. Fast, demented juggernaut.

    Pain Teens	Coral Kiss (3-  )		Beast of Dreams
    Slow spoken vox over tribal drumming, "angry little teeth, sharpened pearl cuts pressed and bitten, my brusided lips if I miss your coral kiss, does it matter? Does it?". ((does this really go in this set? ))

    Charles Mingus	Ecclusiastics (7-6:57)		Thirteen Pieces
    A decade in the life. Tempo starts slow, goes all over the place. I like this a lot. Some gospel touches.

    Call this a set: ambient noir/Moe!/goth (Miranda Sex Garden?)
    dj Cheb i	Hamam (I4-4:45)         Swarm of Drones (coll.)
    Rain sounds, chimes, drones, echoy voices, middle eastern style chants. Neat.

    Oh, and hey, what about the Moe tape? There's a good track on there I'd like to play, and it'd go well with one of the chimier dark ambient things...

    I would *really* like to do something with this one track...

    Greg Osby	Intuition (9-4:45)	Black Book
    Jazz, hiphop beat, woman and man whispers/chants in the background. Nice sound, kind of upbeat.

    And I'd also like to end a set with:

     		A Day in the Life	Magic Christain (or???)

    Some new stuff, Spring 1995

    Susan James	Raincoats (7-3:14)	Shocking Pink Bananna Seat
    Start: Slower, demented sounding, moves to a loud, rocking slick vox finish. Could follow goth with this, and then go to? Twisted relationship stuff "I am hung up in the sky"; "I am not your fossil pin up"; "I become when I need the Shiva girl; Tear down every thought you have of me"

    Susan James	Poison (8-3:26)		Shocking Pink Bananna Seat
    Simple, fast repetetive bowed bass, with folky vox over it. "I swallowed the poison/and now I'm waiting for your tounge to turn black..." Ok, but not great. Obvious goth connections.

    Susan James Le Monsters (8-2:30) Shocking Pink Bananna Seat (377) Nice, delicate instrumental, sparse with a touch of dementia. Ends with scratchy vinyl end groove sound. Might work as a substitute for old Pink Flloyd?

    Susan James Eileen (11-) Shocking Pink Bananna Seat (377) Pair this with Dreamland's "Scarlett O'Hara", some sort of female-bonding theme. Slowish folk-pop.

    Life Garden	(1-7:47)		The Hungry Void Volume Two: Air
       & Voice of 
    Wonderful, industrial, both tribal and symphonic at the same time. Note, end goes into the next track (ethereal voices come in): best to play on continue and fade where you like.

    Life Garden	(4-6:08)		The Hungry Void Volume Two: Air
       & Voice of 
    Beautiful ethereal-gothic vox, ominous really deep symphonic sounds, a regular beat like a clock ticking. Amazing. Play on continue, fade where appropriate.

    The feminine drone

    For educational purposes: The best of John Cale

    David Bowie Clones

    Sex Gang Children
    Electric Hippies

    Punks are stupid

    Bunch of songs fit, need to look up the bands.
    "Image is Everything"
    "Rock n' Roll Lifestyle"
    "Long hair & Tattoos"
    "Fashion Punk"

    Saved for the future (as of 8/28/96):

    Gino Robair - Re: tuning P(c)(s)
    Other Destinations
    8 - 7:46
    like Forbbiden Planet with wind chimes... great. Bit quiet in middle?

    A kind of speedy set

    Mandbile Chatter - Burn Down The Sky
    comp: Endless 2
    9 - 8:07
    a rapid, throbbing piece
    Trance Mission - monkfish
    head light
    1 - 5:05
    fast percussion, clarinet highlights, distant flute
    Elliot Sharp - Disco 3000
    Coll: Wavelength Infinity
    Wavelength Disk/13 - 4:50
    fast guitar strangeness
    A Split Second - Drinking Sand
    A Split Second
    8 - 5:23
    whispery (ala Shriekback), mid-tempo, minimal, light on the cheese for an old industrial/synth band (1988). Leads with some guitar drone that's a bit weak.
    "Industrial-voodoo right shortly the fall"; "An ancinet mechanical creed.."; "Another violent breed..."; "the growing pain of urban natives..."; "driven by a voodoo beat";

    Ideas for better ways of presenting ideas

    Hm, how would you set up a flat file database in HTML so that it's easily crunchable with tools like, say AWK?

    The slick way to do it would probably be to run a database in the background, with an HTML front-end, but it might be worth thinking this simpler, more primitive approach through to see if it goes anywhere...

    I was envisioning a completely flat file database, one record to a line, where the delimiters would make sense as HTML, and yet still be a readable list in a browser. Does this gain you all that much?

    Anyway, start at the beginning, list the fields:

    Looks like too many to put on one "line", even an extended line.

    It also looks like an awful lot to identify the fields positionally, and yet it seems really clumsy to include a label for each field. I think that pretty much exhausts all the options though, for a flat file... I guess you could do hybrids, say the first six fields are required, and are identified only by position, but the next few dozen are optional, and it's required to label them. So just as an example, you could have records like this:

    <DT>Dog Faced Hermans 
       <DD> Dream Forever
       <DD> those deep buds
       <DD> 3:21
       <DD> WHAT: interesting rock, unique jazzy vocals
       <DD> Web
       <DD> Web
       <DD> 1
       <DD> 16:00
       <DD> WHAT: ambient.  Rumble Rattle. Whoose.  Slow classicalesque tones 
       <DD> USE: Lead in to Iso Ambient Orchestra on Swarm of Drones.
    Which would look like this in a browser:

    Dog Faced Hermans
    Dream Forever
    those deep buds
    WHAT: interesting rock, unique jazzy vocals
    WHAT: ambient. Rumble Rattle. Whoose. Slow classicalesque tones
    USE: Lead in to Iso Ambient Orchestra on Swarm of Drones.
    This could be taken further, to a hybrid/hybrid approach, where a few of the fields could have sub-fields, e.g.
    <DT><em>Web</em> - <i>Web</i> off <i>Web</i>
       <DD> 1
       <DD> 16:00
       <DD> WHAT: ambient.  Rumble Rattle. Whoose.  Slow classicalesque tones 
       <DD> USE: Lead in to Iso Ambient Orchestra on Swarm of Drones.
    Which would look like:
    Web - Web, on Web
    WHAT: ambient. Rumble Rattle. Whoose. Slow classicalesque tones
    USE: Lead in to Iso Ambient Orchestra on Swarm of Drones.